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Consumer Foodservice in India and the Healthy Living Megatrend

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Euromonitor International has partnered for the first time with Restaurant India 2017 - South India Edition which is taking place in Bangalore on Saturday, 9th Dec 2017. Shabori Das, Senior Research Analyst, is speaking at the event at 12 noon and will be covering key trends and developments occurring across the globe within the consumer foodservice world, with special emphasis on India. This is based on our special report tiled: The Consumer Foodservice in India: Where are we heading?

This talk features Euromonitor International’s freshly minted research on megatrends which predicts the eight most influential megatrends to watch out for in 2017 and the next 20 years. One of the key megatrends identified is Healthy Living. Our presentation and the special report will present how this megatrend is shaping consumers foodservice across the world.

The Healthy Living megatrend is one of the key megatrends identified by us which will guide and shape the consumer foodservice habits of the consumers across the globe. In India, however, consumers are still at the cusp of healthy eating, due to the young consumer base, who are less worried about the harmful effects of eating indulgent food.

Additionally, more than just healthy menu offerings, restaurants are adopting cleaner practices in and out of the kitchen, simplifying menus and supply chains, and increasing transparency to offer consumers a better, more holistic dining experience

Furthermore, India has one of the youngest population in the world, with an increasing annual disposable income. The consumer is increasingly looking for experience, rather than just value for money.

Download the full report here

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