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E-Book: Top 5 Beverage Trends in North and South American Countries

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Top 5 Beverage Trends in North and South America 250pxOverall South America will see growth in most categories in non-alcoholic beverages, as many consumers seek healthier beverages such as bottled water, juice and tea.   Mature North American countries will see expanding opportunities in beverages such as coconut water and liquid concentrates such as Mio, Dasani Drops and Nesfruta.

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“Consumers in the Americas are continually looking for added convenience and greater health benefits in their beverage choices.  Coffee and tea pods, along with liquid concentrates, are bringing both convenience and novelty to Canada and the United States,” says Senior Analyst, Kay Tamillow, “Meanwhile, the health and wellness trend continues to push dynamism in non-alcoholic drinks, especially in emerging markets in Latin America.  Increased demand for functional drinks and more natural ingredients is driving a fast pace to innovation and new product launches across the region.”

Trends Highlighted in the E-Book:

Bottled Water popularity is growing in many countries, especially in the Latin American region.  In Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Chile, bottled water represents a major component of healthier drinking trends. In Costa Rica, bottled water hasn’t performed as well because consumers are looking for more health benefits and nutrients in their beverages.  In the US, Fiji bottled water introduced a straw-cap in April of this year when it noticed many of its female celebrity fans were using straw to sip the water to prevent their lipstick from being smeared.

RTD Tea emerged as the fastest growing category in Venezuela for 2013.  As the government has implemented price controls on juice, companies have focused on increasing production of RTD tea and consumers have shown a favourable attitude toward the category.  RTD tea also remains the strongest growth category in Ecuador because consumers consider the product to be more natural and better for their health than carbonates.

Coffee has the highest per capita consumption in Brazil (behind Europe).  The government-backed campaign “Brazil, the coffee country” is intended to help consumption increase by a further 1kg per person through 2018. Foodservice has also played a role in coffee consumption, with McDonald’s entry into retail coffee in Canada and Starbuck’s entry into Colombia.  McDonald’s limited product selection, poor displays and weak pricing strategy did not help performance in Canada. However, Starbucks will have significant impact on the domestic coffee market and local consumption patterns in Colombia.

Carbonates Argentina has one of the highest per capita carbonate consumption levels in the world due to large acceptance of carbonated beverages and both aspirational and association consumption and the market is performing well.  However, Uruguay’s consumption has decreased, as the population is shifting towards older segments that may be influencing lesser consumption. In Mexico, Coca-Cola has started delivering directly to homes, as many low-income workings make a habit of having a Coke and tortillas for their lunch and main meals.

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