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Euromonitor has committed 1% of sales to charitable giving as part of its corporate social responsibility programme, with contributions this year totalling close to £1.4 million.

Euromonitor’s headline partners are organisations nominated by staff for our largest donations: up to £50,000 a year. With that kind of support Euromonitor can make a massive difference to people living incredibly challenging lives, and in some cases, we have taken on a three-year commitment with our key partners to help them plan better for the future.

Modern slavery is, unfortunately, alive and well in the UK as in other parts of the world. Justice and Care, whom we have supported with their work in India, is being sponsored by Euromonitor to train police forces in the UK to spot traffickers and bring them to justice.

Micro Rainbow International supports the much-discriminated against LGBTI communities in Cambodia and Sao Paulo in Brazil: Euromonitor is sponsoring training programmes there for LGBTI participants to help them set up small businesses from which to support themselves.

Walkabout Foundation: We have made a three-year commitment to help them run a wheelchair construction workshop in Kenya staffed by wheelchair users, a rehabilitation centre, and to train local staff in fitting chairs in Uganda. We will be distributing 1,700 wheelchairs there over the 3 years and the latest distribution has just started.


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Just a Drop: We continue to support the project in Paravour in India to provide water and toilets and core funding for the organisation. Excitingly, on return to the Parangani project, finished in 2016, most of the houses in the village had their own toilets, and hygiene standards and safety for women and girls have improved hugely.

Unity in Health: We have agreed for three years to pay the director a salary and to fund a fundraiser, to enable the organisation to expand their work with training medical staff in mental health care in Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Medecins Sans Frontieres: We have given them a three-year open commitment to support their work in emergency healthcare wherever needed.

Humanity and Inclusion: We are supporting a maternal health programme in DRC to improve health and survival during pregnancy and childbirth.

Place2Be: We are funding their mental health support for children in London schools.

Ocean Cleanup: We sponsor an engineer to develop their clean-up of the Great Pacific Garbage patch-and we continue to discourage staff from using single use plastics in the first place!

We are increasingly building up deeper relationships with these organisations, including offering volunteering or additional fundraising opportunities for staff. All are covered by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. For more information on Euromonitor’s CSR activities, please visit:



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