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Euromonitor to Speak at International Food & Drink Exhibition 2017

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Event: 4th International Food & Drink Exhibition: Expo XXI

Date: 11-13 April, 2017

Location: Warsaw, Poland

WorldFood Warsaw provides a platform to connect and conduct business with over 4,000 food industry buyers operating in Eastern Europe. The event brings together the region's distributors, retailers, manufacturers and associations. These representatives are searching for the latest innovative products on the market.

Euromonitor International is inviting you to hear two Euromonitor International analysts speak at the event.

12th April at Forum 2 (Hall 3) at 10:30 am - The overview of Diary sector + Innovations in this category by Joana Sokolnik - Senior Reserach Manager.

13th April at Forum 1 (Hall 1) - 11:00 am, - Overview of the global, regional, Polish hot drinks market (tea, coffee, cocoa) by Olena Rogulis- Research Analyst – Drinks & Tobacco

Website: http://www.worldfood.pl/Home.aspx

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