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Euromonitor to Speak at Clean Label Conference 2017

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Name: Clean Label Conference

Date: March 28-29, 2017

Location: Itasca, IL | Westin Hotel

Link: http://www.cvent.com/events/2017-clean-label-conference/event-summary-6c947a0221a24ec4a47df22ab25c84b7.aspx?p=10

Event Description: The 4th annual Clean Label Conference is the industry’s technical product development summit dedicated to providing practical, impartial and “how-to” formulation advice to R&D and applied food scientists striving to create simplified ingredient labels.

Speaker: Alan Rownan, Ethical Labels Analyst

Session Title: Increasing Consumer Confidence and Driving Value through Clean Label Claims Globally

Session Description: Driving value in developed markets is becoming increasingly difficult, and innovating to accommodate evolving consumer preferences has become of paramount importance for food industry players. Many strands have grown from the ever-expanding consumer wish-list, although few movements have had the impact that clean label has had in various markets, as consumers demand simple, decoded ingredients listings as bridges of trust and transparency with big food companies. As demand continues to grow, Euromonitor International will utilize its new Passport Ethical Labels system to showcase detailed coverage of the growing value of clean label products across 26,000 brands in 26 strategically selected markets.

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