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Euromonitor International Invites the Leading Polish Companies to a Free Seminar in Warsaw

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On the 25th October the company of strategic market research solutions Euromonitor International will organize a seminar, dedicated to the top level managers from FMCG companies, banking sector, governmental and trade organisations. Lina Sidorenke, Project Manager at Euromonitor International agreed to tell us more about the idea of ​​a British company to hold a seminar in Poland.

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This year for the 2nd time Euromonitor International decided to organise a seminar in Warsaw. Why did you choose Poland?

- Euromonitor International is a global company providing strategic solutions in 80 countries. It has offices in 12 countries: London, Chicago, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Santiago, Cape Town, Bangalore, Sydney, Dubai, Sao Paulo and Vilnius. Our regional office in Vilnius is responsible for research and business development in Central-Eastern Europe.

Poland is one of the most important markets in Central European region; our clients are the leading companies in the country, that's why we started to organize such an event in your country, in Poland. We think that Euromonitor International seminar is a great opportunity to gather and meet our clients in one place, share experience and opinions, thank them for one more successful year of our partnership and also to provide them an opportunity to network with each other.

Last year the format of the event was breakfast briefing. This year you decided to organise a seminar. Why did you decide to change the concept of the event?

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Last year it was the first time we organised our exclusive event in Poland. The format of the breakfast briefing was similar to a conference, just shorter. Having seen the success and positive feedback from attendees last year, also interest of our clients this year we decided to extend the event and to organise a half day conference with the main speakers, guest speakers, networking breaks and wine reception.

Strategic market solutions which our company provides are the most useful for the companies to achieve their goals, so the event is exclusively organised for all top level managers who are engaged in strategic tasks. We hope that presentations of our analysts as well as discussions and opinions of our guests will help managers to better understand the current situation of both regional and global markets, crystalize where the market is moving now and will be moving during the upcoming five years.

What are the main topics to be discussed during the seminar?

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- The topic of the event is "Retailing & FMCG: Reshaping Strategies in a Connected World". This year the seminar will be especially interesting for retailers as well as representatives of various FMCG companies, including food, beauty and personal care, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. During the seminar, analysts from Euromonitor International will provide the latest news about megatrends, digital consumer preferences as well as up-to-date information of the main FMCG markets.

Three presentations will be made during the seminar: Economic scenarios and their impact on FMCG industries in CEE region; Retailing - new concepts and changes in response to shifting consumer’s preferences; Megatrends - what is driving consumers globally and regionally? After each presentation invited guest speakers from such companies as Amrest, Orbico, Avon will share their opinion and comments.

It is very important to mention that attendees of the seminar will have the opportunity to network with each other and with representatives of Euromonitor International during coffee breaks and wine reception.


The 2nd annual free of charge Euromonitor International seminar will be held on the 25th of  October from 13:00 to 18:00 at InterContinental hotel, Emilii Plater 49, Warsaw. More information and registration: http://go.euromonitor.com/polish-seminar 

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