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Our 2013 Green Week concluded with employees in Vilnius presenting a petition to Chairman Robert Senior, documenting seven action points to improve waste and recycling and support greener behaviour throughout the company.

Green Week highlights the importance of environmental responsibility and is celebrating in our offices around the world.  A range of events took place including:

  • Lunchtime documentaries and discussion groups on clean technology and the plight of organ-utans amidst deforestation and resource exploitation
  • Swap shops encouraging people to reuse and recycle
  • Green Photo Competitions - staff members demonstrated their love for the climate through silly, serious, creative and abstract photos
  • Meatless lunches
  • Green quizzes
  • Switch off campaigns; and
  • for a bit of fun some offices held a "Wear Green Day"

Colleagues in Singapore raised money to plant trees in a city garden and like our Vilnius office invited a speaker from a local recycling company to come and talk to staff members about the importance of recycling to save energy, reduce landfill and prevent deforestation.

The week also marked the launch of our global pledge to reduce energy consumption by five per cent this year.  Actions to help us achieve this will include: encouraging our staff members to work sustainably with "switch off campaigns"; where possible eliminating unnecessary internal lighting, making more use of natural light and ensuring buildings are shut down effectively during periods of closure e.g. public holidays and New Year celebrations.

Green Week 2013 blog

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