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Digital From emerging digital shopping behaviours to the promise of a better connected shared world known as the metaverse, experts from across the globe explore the impact of technological advances on consumer-facing markets.

Hyperconnected Consumers In the Digital World: Global Survey Results Now Available

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Through widespread access to and use of electronic devices, consumers today are more connected to one another, and to the world around them, than ever before. Questions that once required a trip to the library, a visit to an expert, or waiting on hold on the phone can now be answered within seconds just by clicking a few buttons. Far away relatives can now not only speak long-distance but enjoy a full meal together over video chat.  Product pricing and information that was once shared by in-store salespeople can now be found on countless retail websites and consumer review platforms. For consumers with smartphones, these connections are even closer and available at any time of day in any place.

This continuous access to technology has turned many in all corners of the globe into “hyperconnected consumers”, with new purchasing habits and preferences for interacting with the social and commercial worlds around them that are directly shaped by their heavy use of technology. To learn more about these hyperconnected consumers, Euromonitor International surveyed over 8,000 online consumers in 16 markets in December 2014, focusing on how technology is impacting global consumers’ paths to purchase and payment methods as well as their privacy concerns, social connections, and leisure activities.

Euromonitor is pleased to announce the publication of the results of this Hyperconnectivity consumer survey.  Data and initial analysis is now available in the Passport Survey system, including a comprehensive summary report (an excerpt is available here and the entire report is also for sale here).

Technology Behaviours and Topics Covered

The chart below shows examples of the type of device-specific results found in the Hyperconnectivity survey, which range from leisure activities to shopping patterns as consumers traverse the path to purchase.  In addition to device platform, results can be segmented by geographic and demographic traits to identify areas of future growth and opportunity in electronics, retail, e-commerce, banking and myriad other consumer goods and services industries impacted by consumer use of technology.

Chart: Selected Digital Shopping and Leisure Activities, by Device

Source:    Euromonitor International consumer survey, Hyperconnectivity Survey 2014

Note:        Showing percentage of respondents who indicated that they used device for online activity in the past month (or typically perform activity on the device in the case of streaming video and reading e-books). Global survey results include Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, the Middle East, Russia, Spain, Turkey, the UK and the US


The wide range of topics explored in Euromonitor International’s Hyperconnectivity consumer survey can help businesses better engage with digitally literate and hyperconnected  consumers in developed and emerging markets.  The survey results provide answers to the following timely questions:

Device access and activities

  • What devices are found in the homes and pockets of hyperconnected consumers?
  • How are consumers using these devices in their everyday life?

Use of technology in shopping

  • How do hyperconnected consumers use digital and physical retail channels from the onset of product research to the moment of purchase to post-purchase returns and customer support?
  • What technology is used by consumers at the point of purchase when buying electronics, appliances, beauty and personal care products, healthcare products, household essentials like groceries, apparel and accessories, travel services like hotels and airline flights, or leisure and entertainment?
  • Which devices do consumers prefer to pay with and where they are when they ultimately make a purchase online?

Mobile purchasing and payments

  • Are consumers embracing the ability to buy products from anywhere at any time using their mobile devices?
  • What mobile platforms do hyperconnected consumers use when making purchases and what are barriers to adoption?
  • Who is using in-store mobile payments, how, and what will it take to get more people using this emerging technology?

Trends in showrooming and webrooming

  • Many consumers are turning to both digital and physical retailers for different phases of the purchase process, leading to showrooming and webrooming – who, when, and why are consumers switching channels?

The future of retail

  • Where does technology fit into the outlet of the future?
  • How can marketers leverage new digital media platforms to engage with hyperconnected consumers before they enter the store and as they are in the store, and then keep customers loyal after they leave?

Digital futures

  • Are hyperconnected consumers interested in (or already using) emerging capabilities such as wearable tech devices and cloud storage?
  • How comfortable are hyperconnected consumers with storing and sharing their personal information online? Will lingering concerns about security and privacy impact future online activities?

Download the free survey extract here


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