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IFA 2018: Glimpse into the Future of the Smart Home

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IFA 2018 in Berlin is all about how home appliances is evolving leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to minimize human involvement and maximizing convenience and delivering greater freedom to users. Manufacturers are competitively showcasing smart innovations with disruptive ideas and technologies, which are depicting the future of the smart home. AI and IoT are no longer differentiation in product feature but essential to electronics and home appliance products with rising consumer awareness.

Next Era of a Connected Ecosystem: AI and IoT

Smart home and appliances being the hottest topic in the appliance industry, manufacturers in IFA 2018 are showcasing evolution and next era of the connected home ecosystem which provides users with more convenience and freedom in their life. Smart appliances are going beyond from being simply connected into becoming “intelligent” through self-learning leveraging Artificial Intelligent and Internet of Things. The boundary of the connected ecosystem is expanding as well to cover not only home but whenever and wherever you are including workplace and inside the car. The competition will be focusing on how seamless connected experience can be delivered to cater customized needs of different individuals.

Smart Innovations: Minimizing Human Touch 

IFA being renowned as the showcase for the innovation ahead of time, new smart innovations and cutting-edge technology are expected to be unlocked from global manufacturers with the main purpose to minimize human involvement and enhance user convenience. Amazon recently addresses advanced new feature of its voice control called Contextual Mode and Follow Up mode in which users can make a request without the wake word hence more like natural conversation. Other examples include LG who is announcing a new version of its clothing care system, Styler ThingQ, with AI assistant equipped to maximize functionality. It is expected to see more unique and innovative features to be revealed as market competition increases.

AI Speaker Competition Heating Up

Competition is expected to be deepened over the AI speaker category as well with more manufacturers announcing to enter the market. Recently in August, Samsung announced its plan to launch Galaxy Home, a smart AI speaker powered with Bixby, followed by Huawei who is also joining the race with the new AI Cube smart speaker. Not only appliance or electronics companies, audio companies are chipping in as well even including high-end brands such as Bang & Olufsen showing ultra-premium speaker with Google Assistant in IFA 2018 which verifies rapid rise of smart AI speaker market.

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