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Income and Wealth Distribution Model Update: 35 New Countries

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We are pleased to announce that the Income and Wealth Distribution Model has been expanded to include 35 additional countries, bringing total country coverage to 85 countries. This means that more than 700 million people have been added to our analysis of income and wealth trends. The forecasts and macro-scenarios have also been updated to reflect the latest macroeconomic expectations through to 2030.

Counting Millionaires - Number of High Net Worth Individuals in the New Countries: 2016 and 2030

Source: Euromonitor International Income and Wealth Distribution Model

Note: Net wealth is defined as the sum of all financial and non-financial assets minus all liabilities. Data refers to current prices, year-on-year exchange rate.

Extended country coverage aims to help you find unexploited opportunities and discover the potential for expansion outside your traditional markets. For example, High Net Worth Individuals (adults with USD1 million+ net assets) are naturally considered the main focus for luxury goods. Figure 1 represents an atlas of HNWIs in the newly added countries. Hong Kong is the most significant market for HNWIs among the newly added countries, although the majority of countriesadded represent developing and emerging economies. These are some of the countries forecast to have the most growth potential in the premium segment. For instance, the expanded modelcaptures:

  • More comprehensive coverage of Asian countries, including the Asian capital of HNWIs – Hong Kong, China (278,400 millionaires in 2016).
  • Almost full coverage of Persian Gulf countries (214,100 millionaires in total in 2016), representing one of the global centres of the luxury market.
  • More than twice the previous coverage of Latin American countries, which results in an additional 100,000 HNWIs in the region in 2016.

Data on sizes and trends of HNWIs can be used to spot the upcoming markets for many products and evaluate the potential for brands that have identified HNWIs as the main target segment.

About the Income and Wealth Distribution Model

The Income and Wealth Distribution Model is an interactive market intelligence tool that provides standardised data on disposable income and net wealth distribution for adults. The Model lets you assess and compare consumption potential for specific consumer groups within and across 85 countries. It is the first and only tool of its kind that shows joint income-wealth distribution data. Providing unique and unrivalled information on consumer income and wealth helps you spot the coming market opportunities, and helps you to better position yourself towards your target audience.


 New countries added

Asia Europe Latin America Africa and Middle East
Azerbaijan Belarus Argentina Algeria
Hong Kong, China Bosnia Bolivia Bahrain
Kazakhstan Georgia Dominican Republic Iran
Philippines Macedonia Ecuador Jordan
Pakistan Ukraine Guatemala Kuwait
Thailand Serbia Peru Kenya
Turkmenistan Costa Rica Morocco
Uzbekistan Uruguay Cameroon
Vietnam Venezuela Qatar
Saudi Arabia

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