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Indonesia Set to Show the Strongest Growth in its Education Industry

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With a booming youth population and low enrollment ratios, Indonesia is a candidate for having the  highest future growth in its education industry globally. In 2016, the enrollment ratio in tertiary education stood at 32% in Indonesia, compared to 44% in China or 40% in Malaysia.

Given that the public support for education is unceasing, and incentives to improve the quality of education are efficient, the Indonesian education industry should surpass a CAGR of 10% over 2016-2025.

Countries with Highest CAGRs in Education Revenues Over 2016-2025


Country Value in 2025, USD million CAGR% over 2016-2025
Indonesia 118,607.80 10.3
Kuwait 22,896.60 10.2
India 261,863.20 9.8
Kenya 12,873.30 8.4
South Africa 10,988.60 8
Vietnam 10,013.00 7.9
Hong Kong, China 7,340.90 7
Slovakia 7,340.90 6.9
Colombia 35,712.90 6.8
Thailand 35,080.10 6.7

Government investment in education in Kuwait should contribute greatly to the impressive growth expected over 2016-2025, since education is perceived as one of the priorities for the country’s diversification strategy. Already in 2016, 9.5% of the public budget was allocated to education.

The small but rapidly growing population is increasing demand for education capacity, while high GDP per capita will enable Kuwaitis to invest in education for themselves and their children.

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