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Introducing Euromonitor's Economic Barometer

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We’re happy to introduce a new macroeconomic tool Economic Barometer, which is now available on Economies, Finance and Trade page. Economic Barometer provides a new way to explore and make the most of regularly updated monthly and quarterly macroeconomic data in a single, easy-to-use location. Use Economic Barometer to regularly track the latest global economic trends in a very convenient and time-saving way. In this concentrated tool you can find the latest monthly and quarterly data for 81 countries and 32 indicators

How can you use Economic Barometer?

Economic Barometer provides simplicity, convenience, instant overviews and a straightforward interpretation of Euromonitor International’s latest macroeconomic data. You can use it to:

  • Explore macroeconomic indicators that are updated on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Spot latest positive and negative updates to key macroeconomic indicators.
  • Identify the strongest and weakest economies around the world.
  • Leverage the latest economic data in analysis and quickly drill down to the most important trends facing individual countries.

How to get insights about global economic trends using Economic Barometer?

You can pull out some immediate insights, using the navigational functions provided by the tool:

1. Heatmap colour coding will allow you to spot countries with strong latest economic performance, such as high GDP growth (dark green), like China, India, Indonesia and Philippines. In contrast, the weakest performance is indicated by pink/red cells, as in case of high unemployment levels in Italy, Brazil, Spain or South Africa.


2. Green and red arrows indicate data changes since the immediately preceding period, and help understand the dynamics behind the numbers. For instance, by focusing on the red arrows, we can very easily spot that the US latest monthly data show a decline in retail sales, imports of goods and deteriorating consumer confidence, projecting slowdown of private consumption growth in the near future.


3. Highlighting the latest changes:selecting ‘Last week update’ or ‘Last month update’, shows which cells contain the most recently updated numbers. This is a particularly handy feature for users who have analysed or downloaded the data previously (or perform regular data downloads), to understand what exactly has changed and since their last visit.


4. Single country page allows to dive into the individual countries of interest and to analyse their indicators in more detail. You can examine the entire time series for each indicator, switch between monthly and quarterly data, add seasonal adjustment and customize the chart. By looking at the chart for the US consumer confidence below, we can identify that the latest decrease was part of the generally sluggish sentiment growth prevailing since the middle of 2015, while at the same time consumer confidence remains significantly higher than five years ago.


Explore and make use of the new Economic Barometer tool, which will help you to save time and get an immediate understanding of the latest global economic developments.

The launch of Economic Barometer means that Euromonitor International will be retiring the existing ‘Monthly and Quarterly’ dashboard and ‘Key Macro-Economic Indicators’ vis-app that are currently available on the Passport Economies, Finance and Trade page. The ‘Key Macro-Economic Indicators’ vis-app will be removed at the end of 2016. The ‘Monthly and Quarterly’ dashboard will be removed from the Passport Economies, Finance and Trade page in early 2017.

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