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Megatrend: Healthy Living

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Healthy lifestyle habits are becoming the normal way of life as concerns over obesity, food sensitivity and people affected by disease continue to rise. However, perceptions of healthy living are shifting beyond just physical health to represent a much more holistic view, where food, exercise, mental well-being and broader lifestyle issues are seen as a whole entity.

This lifestyle shift provides a significant opportunity for businesses to diversify, tailor and differentiate their brands by weaving health into product and service concepts. The more of these healthy living attributes a brand can reflect and connect to, the stronger it will be and the deeper the relationship it can create with the health-conscious consumer.

Technology drives the shift towards healthy living

Technology plays a pivotal role in consumer decision-making and the ability of manufacturers and retailers to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Advancements in technology are increasing the possibility of living longer and having more prosperous lives, as well as providing people with the means to autonomously manage their own well-being.

Devices, digital platforms and science evolution are facilitating health tracking, diagnosis, general health awareness and personalised prevention concepts. For example, Go Forward, Inc. is an integrated health subscription service in the USA that provides access to medical professionals on demand, providing health data via an app-based platform for consumers to track.

Consumers take control of their well-being

As consumers begin to pay more attention to improving their physical well-being, they are also turning their attention to their mental well-being. In this instance, self-improvement sits at the more manageable end of the spectrum as consumers take more responsibility for their mental health in their daily lifestyle choices.

The travel industry is an example of how businesses can take advantage of the shift towards self-care. Health and travel are closely connected, with resorts and hotel spas catering to travellers’ mental and physical health. Yet more and more we see health and wellness becoming an integral part of all travel as consumers seek to escape busy lives, spend time in nature with family and friends and possibly even take the opportunity to have a “digital detox”.

An example of this is InterContinental Hotels Group opening their EVEN brand, as the answer to travel stress. With 6 hotels in the USA, the brand focuses on conscientious travellers and offers exercise equipment in the room, a large fitness centre and healthy eating options and future design concepts of living and hospitality spaces aim to weave in well-being as a key attribute.

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