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Movember Focus: Are Male Consumers Ready to Move Beyond the Basics?

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In support of Movember, (a charity which aims to raise awareness for testicular, prostate cancer and mental health problems) we will be publishing weekly articles on men's grooming including exclusive interviews with men's grooming brands; on Euromonitor International’s Beauty Passport page as well as featuring analysis on the men’s grooming market on our blog. In addition, daily data tweets from our men’s grooming data will be published at my twitter account.

While men’s deodorants remained both the biggest and the second fastest growing category within men’s toiletries in 2013, Euromonitor International Personal Appearances Survey conducted earlier this year revealed that shampoo was the most commonly used monthly product amongst male consumers. With total revenues of US$9.0 billion in 2013, men’s deodorants ranked as the second most used product in the survey, suggesting that, despite regular grooming routines varying greatly amongst men around the world, most men tend to stick to the basics.


Monthly Personal Care Product Usage among Men

Monthly Personal Care Product Usage among Men

Source: Euromonitor International Personal Appearance Survey, 2014

Note:  Showing percent of male respondents who use indicated product at least monthly.

Simplicity remains key in attracting the male consumer, with facial creams and body creams ranking the highest within skin care, but still with low overall adoption rates of just over 20%. Men’s skin care was once again the fastest growing category within men’s grooming in 2013, growing by 9% in value on the previous year, and it is expected to grow at an average of 8% in constant terms between 2013 and 2018, adding another US$1.5 billion to its size. Men’s hair care, encompassing the most commonly used products according to our recent survey, remained the third fastest growing category within men’s grooming in 2013, trailing both men’s skin care and men’s deodorants, but it is expected to add another US$730 million to its size by 2018. Men’s skin care, with absolute value growth twice that of men’s hair care, and 60% of its value sales in 2013 coming from fast-growing Asia Pacific, will remain the key focus area for beauty players in men’s grooming.

Furthermore, sunscreen remains of low adoption amongst male consumers, despite efforts by various governments to raise awareness of the importance of protecting ones skin against the sun. While brands in the US such as Coppertone and Banana Boat have introduced sun protection targeting men with sports-related campaigns and branding, further education and awareness of the health implications of excessive unprotected sun exposure are needed.

Men’s cosmetics are not yet as widely used as other personal care products. While almost all women claim to have used at least one cosmetics product in the past three months, very few men fall into this category. Low availability and a taboo associated with the use of cosmetics by men mean the category is still niche, despite brands like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs releasing concealers and foundations for men.

For more information about Movember: http://uk.movember.com/ & https://blog.euromonitor.com/2014/11/moustaches-are-on-the-riseaccording-to-our-analysts.html


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