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Megatrends Megatrends are long-term, consumer-driven trends that disrupt industries globally. We show you how to leverage megatrends to stay relevant and competitive in rapidly changing, consumer-centric markets.

New Megatrend Briefings

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The latest in our series of megatrends reports have now been published, providing further insight into the eight megatrends we have identified as being the most important cross industry trends that business should be focused on during the next 10 to 15 years. Megatrend analysis helps companies understand the most important market trends that are expected to develop long term, enabling them to assess their future impact and proactively build relevant forward thinking strategy.

Healthy Living: Home as Health Hub explores how consumers’ desire for healthier and clean lifestyles is influencing developments in home hygiene, health and safety in the kitchen and wellbeing across the home.

Connected Consumer: Future Mobility Home and City assesses how a more structural approach to connectivity is materialising in homes and cities, with an emphasis on personal mobility.

Middle Class Retreat: Trading Up Trading Down provides insights into the priorities and motivations behind middle class consumers trading up and down, and how business can use these to develop effective strategies.

Shopping Reinvented: Mobile App Features that Drive Discovery, Engagement and Sales focusses on shopping apps, highlighting key considerations and actions needed by companies to increase consumer engagement and sales online.

Shifting Market Frontiers: Africa Rising explores developments in Africa, a diverse frontier market with opportunities for investment across a range of industries and differing consumer income levels.

Ethical Living: Plastics – Lose It or Re-use It discusses the growing concerns about plastic waste across the globe and the increasing co-operation from governments and business alike to implement and participate in initiatives intended to reduce surplus plastics and improve re-use opportunities.

Premiumisation: Past, Present and Future explores the evolution of premiumisation historically, now and looking ahead, comparing key products and brands from the “first wave” of premiumisation (pre-GFC) with current leaders and expectations for the future.

Experience More: Digital Toolkit looks at how brands are putting customers’ first using technology to enhance the consumer experience and provide seamless product/service delivery.

To read more on megatrend analysis at Euromonitor download our free whitepaper here or listen to our webinar here.

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