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Latin American Travellers Prefer Pampering, Indulgence on Holiday

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Preference for Indulgence while on Holiday

Vacationing Latin Americans Like to be Pampered

There are many ways to relax and have fun on a short city break or a week-long vacation to the beach. However, Latin American travellers have a particular recipe for rest and recuperation while on vacation – and its main ingredient is pampering. A day at the spa? Luxurious lodging? Latin Americans like to be pampered while on vacation more than holiday-makers from any other region in the world.

Consumer Enjoyment of Pampering while Travelling


Source:    Euromonitor International Consumer Survey; Out and About 2012.

Note:        Showing per cent of respondents who like to be pampered while travelling, by continent. Results shown give equal weight to 15 markets surveyed. “Latin America” includes: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico; “Europe” includes: France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Russia, UK; “North America” includes: US; “Australia” includes: Australia; “Asia” includes: China, India, Indonesia, Japan.


It is worth noting that Spanish travellers also depart from the rest of the world in their preference for pampering while out of town. Spain shares many cultural similarities with Latin America and Spanish travellers are just as likely to appreciate a facial or another indulgence while on holiday as travellers from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

Latin Americans who Like to be Pampered are More Likely to Take Short and Long Trips for Leisure

Latin Americans who seek to escape the daily grind through pampering on holiday are 25% more likely to take trips of any length for leisure. Moreover, they prioritise travel, and are more likely to take a yearly week-long vacation to the countryside or a sunny beach than their less-pampered counterparts. Pampered Latin Americans also appreciate a shorter escape. These travellers make time to get away for day trips and weekend retreats more frequently than those who do not seek out luxury. As a result, local “staycations” that include spa treatments or indulgent meals may be particularly effective at attracting the frequent pampered traveller.

Travel Frequency among Latin Americans, by Pampering Preference


Source:    Euromonitor International Consumer Survey; Out and About 2012.

Note:        Showing per cent of respondents who take the specified type of trip with the indicated frequency, grouped by those who like to be pampered while travelling and those who do not. Results shown give equal weight to Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.


Opportunities to be Pampered while Travelling with Family

A pampering holiday is also more likely to be a family affair: Latin Americans who like to be pampered are more likely to bring their spouse or children along on vacation than those who do not like to be pampered. What to do with a spouse or the children while enjoying a blissful afternoon outlet shopping or relaxing at the spa? Industry retailers that promote couples packages or include a day-care option may be able to draw in the willing-but-multi-tasking traveller looking for indulgence while on holiday.

Pampering on Vacation is Popular with a Wide Range of Latin Travellers

Do all Latin American travellers appreciate indulging on holiday? Travellers of all ages enjoy pampering while away, although retirees in Colombia and Mexico are less likely to spoil themselves than younger travellers and retirees from Brazil. Female travellers are also more likely to appreciate pampering – but only in Mexico. Body-conscious males in Brazil and Colombia are just as likely as their female counterparts to appreciate indulgences, such as massages or other luxuries, while travelling. Finally, travellers who live in densely-populated urban areas are more likely to look for an escape from the daily grind with pampering on holiday than those who live in less-populated areas.

Desire to Be Pampered while Travelling within Latin American Countries       


Source:    Euromonitor International Consumer Survey; Out and About 2012.

Note:        Showing per cent of respondents who like to be pampered while travelling. Results shown give equal weight to 15 markets surveyed. “Rest of World” includes: Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Spain, Turkey, UK and US.


Travel Activities, Beyond the Spa

Latin American Travellers Seek Daytime Adventures and Nightlife in Addition to Pampering on Holiday

Latin Americans who Like to be Pampered are More Likely to Want to Simply Relax on Holiday

Instead of seeking a vacation full of arts, culture or hectic shopping, relaxation is the goal for the Latin American who wants to be pampered while away. Three quarters of Latin Americans who like to be pampered on holiday seek to unwind in the sun or on a beach, compared to only two thirds of those who do not like to be pampered. Pampered Latin Americans are also successful in their leisure goals, as the majority (58%) are able to forget about their day-to-day worries and relax while travelling, compared to only 39% of non-pampered Latin Americans.

Latin Americans who Like to be Pampered Enjoy Daytime Adventures on Vacation

Just because Latin American travellers like to sit back, relax, and indulge on holiday does not mean that they are lounging by the pool all day. Latin American travellers who like to be pampered are 50% more likely to seek exciting adventures and to see and learn new things on holiday. They are also 25% more likely to take part in daytime excursions at their travel destination than those who do not like to be pampered while out of town.

Latin Americans who Like to be Pampered also Enjoy Lively Nightlife on Holiday

Latin American consumers who like to be pampered are also active at night while on vacation. Indulgent Latin travellers are more likely to enjoy dining out and hanging out at a bar or pub (58%) than those who do not likely to be pampered while out of town. They are also social creatures who appreciate evening entertainment and are 50% more likely seek out lively nightspots to meet new people while on holiday.


Reliance on Friends, Family, and Smartphones

Latin American travellers seeking an indulgent escape are just as likely to carefully plan their pampering experience as they are to spontaneously treat themselves to a jet-ski adventure or exotic facial. Thus, opportunities for pampering should be prominently advertised both when booking a holiday and at the destination. In fact, Latin consumers who like to be pampered while on holiday are more likely to book activities (39%) and meals (54%) face-to-face than their non-indulging counterparts (32% and 46%, respectively), highlighting the importance of onsite publicity or a local travel agent.

Business Implications

When Latin Americans go on holiday, they are looking for a relaxing vacation full of pampering and indulgence. Industry retailers can boost sales by understanding the motivations and preferences of these spendthrift consumers who prioritise extravagance on vacation above all else.

Grab the Attention of Pamper-Seeking (and Tech-Savvy) Travellers

When deciding where to book a holiday, Latin American travellers who enjoy being pampered turn most frequently to their network of friends and family, as well as to online sources. Industry retailers who hope to grow business with this group should ensure that they have a strong internet presence, likely combining an easy-to-use (and mobile-friendly) company website with social media strategies designed to engage tech-savvy consumers.

Offer Holiday Packages for those who Want it All

The tendency for Latin Americans to enjoy both pampering and day and evening adventures while travelling provides an excellent opportunity for industry retailers to advertise holidays that include opportunities for luxurious accommodation, fine dining, local excursions and nightlife. Holiday packages that entice would-be travellers on multiple fronts will be hard to resist for consumers seeking a luxurious change of scenery on holiday. Resorts and travel companies offering these packages can appeal even more to this type of traveller by combining planned itineraries with opportunities for spontaneous activities.

Ensure that the Whole Family is Included in Travel Activities

Latin Americans who like to be pampered while travelling often go on holiday with their family, whether that includes their partner/spouse or even children. Resorts, spas and other industry retailers that can provide opportunities and options for all family members, including those with divergent interests, will appeal to travellers seeking pampering who have others in tow. This may mean offering child care for parents looking for fun and safe activities for their children while they indulge in spa treatments. It could also mean providing alternative activities, such as local sightseeing or sports/recreation for adult travellers accompanying those who prefer to be pampered but who may not, themselves, be seeking an indulgent experience.



Focus and Design

Survey, design, execution and analysis were developed collaboratively across teams within Euromonitor International in conjunction with outside partners. All surveys were completed in local languages online across the 15 markets studied (Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Turkey, UK, US). More detail on survey questions and detailed responses can be found in the data dashboards on Passport Survey.

Fielding and Data Cleaning

A diverse set of online panellists in 15 countries were invited to participate between May and June 2012. Panellists were pre-screened to ensure that the sample included appropriate representation for each year of age and for both genders.

After data cleaning of duplicate IP addresses and responses with fast completion times, between 300 and 500 responses in each country were used in analysis. A weight was applied to the data for all global analysis to even the respondent number in all countries to 300 (with the exception of Indonesia, see below). This ensures that the results are not overly biased toward the countries with 500 respondents. It should be noted that Indonesia has 236 responses due to limited internet penetration among consumers aged 50 and up.

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