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Rejuvenation and Beauty Enhancing are two key Benefit Groups for Skin Care

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Skin care has become a hot topic recently. Two key groups consumers look for benefits from are rejuvenating and imperfection correcting skin care products. Rejuvenating skin care has added more steps and products to beauty routines. Skin care routines are no longer restricted to cleansing and moisturising. Consumers seeking rejuvenation have added new products, formats and even technology to their grooming routines. Even basic moisturisers have evolved to include day-night formats targeting specific skin concerns. Imperfection correction offers great opportunities in dermocosmetics and men’s grooming. Not everyone is blessed with flawless skin naturally, and individuals (including men) expect skin care to address their specific skin concerns. Consumers worried about skin conditions will pay a premium for dermocosmetics or dermatologist-recommended brands.

Rejuvenation image of things that fall in line with that section, like day and night lotion.

imperfection correcting image of things that fall in line with that section, like anti-acne.

Source: Euromonitor International

Rejuvenating skin care has evolved into multi-step routines

Stressful, unhealthy lifestyles and environmental pollution are taking a toll on the skin of consumers worldwide, leading to dullness and even premature ageing. In response, rejuvenation – to detox and revive healthy and natural glowing skin – has become an important part of skin care routines. Rejuvenating skin care is no longer about simply cleansing and moisturising skin. Routines have evolved in recent years to include multiple steps – exfoliation and clarification to remove dead skin and unclog pores, supplemental nourishment with added vitamins, and brightening treatments that add radiance or glow.

Products formats also evolving to meet rejuvenation demands

Not only are consumers seeking rejuvenation benefits by adding multiple steps to their skin care routines, they are also looking for added benefits in basic cleansers and moisturisers. In response to this demand, brands have expanded lines of facial cleansers to include multiple product formulation types. Moisturising has turned into a more elaborate restoring and nourishing skin care routine, with day-night creams, serums and specialised oils that offer additional nutrients/vitamins. Newer product innovations (facial mists, sprays or waters), from ultra-hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid to snail slime-based products, have further changed consumers’ outlook on moisturising and its role in rejuvenating skin care.

Imperfection correcting skin care offers great opportunities

Not everyone is blessed with flawless, healthy skin naturally. Individuals want better looking skin, and expect skin care to address their specific skin concerns. Those with more extreme skin types and concerns – be it acne, eczema or sensitive skin – have an additional set of worries, and seek imperfection correcting benefits in their skin care. While consumers with these skin conditions might consult dermatologists for major skin concerns, they expect routine skin care products to alleviate their minor skin problems. Consumers who are seeking imperfection correcting benefits typically start with basic skin care with corrective benefits as their first line of treatment for minor skin concerns (e.g. salicylic acid based cleanser or anti-acne masks), before trying specialised anti-acne products.

Value-adding product features and label claims

Multi-step, multi-product routines can expose skin to potentially-harmful irritants. Many consumers struggle with issues related to sensitive skin and seek products offering specific health benefits. With this in mind, label claims such as hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin, anti-blemish (non-comedogenic) and anti-redness are becoming more influential among consumers who are seeking imperfection correction benefits or who have skin conditions. 23% of imperfection correction-seeking consumers are influenced by the recommendations of medical professionals, which is good news for dermocosmetics brands. Brands like Neutrogena, which has positioned itself as the “#1 dermatologist recommended” brand, have an advantage.

Positioning skin care benefits to meet demanding expectations

Rejuvenating (and convenient) experiences offer great opportunities. Widespread pollution and stressful lifestyles further boost consumer demand for rejuvenation benefits. This has led to a rise in skin care products that combine convenience and rejuvenation, even incorporating tech-based solutions for the connected consumer.

Offer health-aligned skin care solutions to target specific concerns. Health and wellness is often top of mind for consumers, particularly when they are considering skin care purchases. Many struggle with ongoing skin sensitivities or other afflictions, and are turning more and more to products with health benefits and trusted, natural ingredients.

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