Product Claims and Positioning Discover the trends driving online product positioning across FMCG industries as well as what inspires new product development and helps to build successful brand strategies.

Support Marketing Strategies Using Product Claims Data

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Support Marketing Strategies Using Product Claims Data

For brands to succeed and achieve growth, fast moving consumer goods (fmcg) manufacturers must understand consumers' needs and preferences. Being informed about which product claims are trending in an industry or category is an important piece of the jigsaw, helping companies spot emerging trends and make informed decisions on how to best position their products in a market.

Taking dietary and health claims as an example, companies will look at a number of ways to position their products and want to understand the most important claims to feature on their brands.  For example, should a snack bar be marketed as organic or natural or gluten free? 

image4ai75.pngSource: Euromonitor International – Product Claims and Positioning

Companies are also interested to see how penetration of claims differs across different markets.  Whilst the vegetarian claim has a higher penetration  in countries such as the UK and  Australia, the vegan claim is more prevalent than the vegetarian claim in the US. This allows manufacturers of plant-based food to make informed decisions on how to best position their products in core markets.

image9t52f.pngSource: Euromonitor International – Product Claims and Positioning

It is important to consider how a changing marketplace affects claims. For example, COVID-19 helped ensure health and immunity boosting claims on products surged in 2020. Similarly, it strengthened consumers’ ambitions to make positive changes, including through the choice of more sustainable products, brands and manufacturers.

Learn more about the usefulness of product claims data by reading our white paper Leveraging Product Claims to Build a Successful Brand Strategy.  See how companies are using it to support brand positioning initiatives, drive new product formulations, benchmark company and product portfolios against competitors and ensure messaging aligns with corporate strategic initiatives.

Euromonitor tracks the prevalence of product claims on tens of millions of SKUs across the world’s top 40 e-commerce markets. This data is extracted from 1,500 online retailers, then matched and organised by Euromonitor International's data science and industry experts.

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