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The 10 Most Popular Blog Articles of 2017

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These are the 10 most-popular articles that Euromonitor International published in 2017.

1. Top 100 City Destinations Ranking of 2017

Arrivals continued to grow in global urban centres in 2015, illustrating the continued economic importance of tourism to the world’s largest cities. Once again, the top cities outperformed global travel flows, with inbound city arrivals to the top 100 cities growing by 5.5% between 2014 and 2015.


2. Reimagining Growth in the Global Beauty Industry

Euromonitor International’s 2017 edition reveals a strong beauty and personal care industry in 2016, with a respectable 5% growth. For the second consecutive year, the premium segment outperformed its mass counterpart, with nearly 6% growth.


3. Top 100 City Destinations Ranking: WTM London 2017 Edition

This year’s report includes forecast data up to 2025 and incorporates future travel trends to give further insight on how travel trends are borne out of the opportunities and challenges that cities face.


4. Economies in 2017: Top 10 African Cities for Growth in 2017

The African continent in 2017 is expected to house some of the world’s fastest growing cities. This is largely thanks to an array of factors including the abundance of natural resources, increasing levels of foreign direct investment (FDI), a young population and the growth in internet penetration rates.


5. 8 Ways to Identify Market Opportunities for Business Growth

In today’s business environment, sustaining growth and profitability is never a guarantee. Technological and scientific advances shorten life cycles of products and services, business models change and new competitors appear from outside the industry.  This constant instability makes it necessary to seek new business opportunities. How do you identify market opportunities in these conditions?


6. SWOT Analysis Template and Case Study

In this post we will provide a step-by-step example of how to create a SWOT analysis. For this purpose, we are using a fictitious company called “Foods & Drinks Inc.”


7. How to Create a SWOT Analysis

SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is an easy, yet powerful business strategy tool that many managers and business owners use to inform corporate strategy. To put it simply, a SWOT analysis helps identify, list and act upon your business key strengths and weaknesses.  The tool also creates awareness surrounding potential opportunities and pitfalls in the marketplace.


8. Key Health and Wellness Trends for 2017

Given political and economic instability and the broader food and beverages industries facing low growth, 2017 will prove to be challenging; but it is not all bad news – rising consumer health awareness will boost HW growth in the coming years, driven by food and beverages benefiting from a natural perception.


9. The Year in Review: How Did We Fare in Our 2016 Luxury Goods Predictions?

2016 was indeed a bumpy year for the global luxury goods market, plagued by the decline in luxury spending by Chinese tourists, plummeting oil prices which led to a major currency shake-up in Latin America and Russia, terrorism threats in traditional luxury markets like France, and further economic upheaval triggered by Brexit and the Trump victory in the US.


10. An Overview of the Global Soft Drinks Market in 2017

Overall, 2016 proved to be a year of overall volume growth, but also a year of changing consumer attitudes and aggressive innovation. Traditional category lines continue to blur or disappear. Beverage brands are rethinking how to reach their consumers, how to meet nutritional needs with their products and how to craft profitable growth strategies as consumption declines in some important areas.

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