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Top 10 Resources for Digital Commerce Strategic Planning

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Technology has impacted every industry across the globe, from how companies create products to the way consumers purchase said products.  Digital commerce has even impacted the travel and consumer foodservice industries, as consumers order food and book travel all via their mobile devices. To succeed in an ever-changing technological landscape, companies must learn more about consumer behaviour and digital commerce to prepare a digital strategy.  With insights on consumer technology preferences and behaviours, businesses can target the right buyers through loyalty programs and other digital applications.  As a market research provider, we help businesses identify key trends within the digital landscape, using our industry data, survey results and in-country analysis from across the globe to understand market dynamics and behaviours.

As businesses begin to implement digital strategies in their planning, they can scale the market space, better grasp the impact of the path to purchase and learn how consumers browse and buy.  By analysing how consumers purchase goods using cell phones, tablets and other electronics, companies will effectively target their core consumers and increase sales and loyalty.

When your business decides to plan your digital strategy, it is imperative to comprehend the digital landscape and its effects on commerce. This is especially important in a global environment where consumers are adopting different digital habits around the world. Please visit our free resources to assist you in your planning phase:

  • White Paper | Consumers in the Digital World: Hyperconnectivity and Technology Trends

    Whether it's checking a weather app in the morning, taking a midday online shopping break or curling up with an e-book before bed, technology is becoming integral to our lives. Companies around the world in every industry face an enormous challenge: how to better connect with consumers who are more informed and more distracted than ever before? This report explores the impact of technology on today’s global consumer.

  • Article | Top 3 Trends for the Digital Consumer in 2016

    Technological advances, including the arrival of smartphones to the masses, are forever altering the way that consumers browse and buy all types of products and services. Generations of what the world once knew about commerce are no longer relevant. This article highlights three predictions for how these digital shifts will continue to rewrite the commerce playbook.





  • White Paper | The Path to Purchase: Implementing a Consumer Buying Behaviour Model

    A clear understanding of how customers move through the purchase decision-making process is essential for companies and brands wishing to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Some companies may already be collecting consumer data but are often not utilising it to the fullest, which can lead to missed opportunities. Our path to purchase model provides a framework for companies focused on making more strategic decisions with their consumer buying behaviour data.


  • Infographic | Top 10 Best Practices for Mobile Wallets

    While remote mobile payments are more popular today, in-person mobile payments are truly the Holy Grail because of what the mobile wallet can do in terms of digitizing the path-to-purchase and payment process. For retailers or foodservice providers looking to capitalize on this shift in shopping behaviour, there are several best practices to keep in mind before designing, developing and eventually launching a mobile wallet.


  • Datagraphic | Travel Industry Embraces Mobile Technology

    Mobile sales are taking the travel industry by storm. Countries like Sweden, Australia and Japan are steaming ahead, with mobile sales to residents already well above the global average of 20%, thanks to hyper-connected populations. Online travel agents are driving the charge, with mobile sales already accounting for one fifth of all sales worldwide, having experienced exponential growth since the launch of smartphones. This graphic shows the popularity and success of mobile sales within the industry.


  • Video | Technology in Foodservice: Consumer Customisation and Personalisation

    On-site at the National Restaurant Show 2016, Euromonitor International explores the many uses of technology in foodservice. In this video, Euromonitor highlights ways in which foodservice operators are using technology to engage and entice consumers with enhanced levels of consumer customisation and personalisation amidst greater market competition.


  • Article | Logistics is the Next Frontier in E-commerce

    In the hypercompetitive e-commerce industry in Asia Pacific, retailers are moving beyond competing on price to competing on logistics, getting packages to more people with greater speed and security. The strategies employed range from expanding traditional in-house logistics capabilities to creative ones such as investing in store-based retailers, using new types of pick up locations and hyperlocal delivery. As the e-commerce giants battle it out in this new frontier, it will be imperative for all retailers to keep up or risk losing share to those that can delivery quickly and efficiently.

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