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Why Natural Resources Matter to your Business: Top 10 Resources for a Sustainability and Environmental Strategy

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As consumer concern over the environment and the impact business and products continues to grow, so do ways that businesses must adapt to prove they are invested in the overall well-being of the environment.

Market research can assist companies looking into sustainable business practices and provide insights on trends within the space. Beyond implementation of these sustainable business practices, companies can benefit from utilizing this information within their CSR strategies.

Euromonitor International provides extensive research on natural resources and sustainability and environmental trends and have compiled a list of our top 10 free resources below:


Why Should the Consumer Goods Industry Care about Natural Resources?

For the consumer goods industry an understanding of natural resource risks is particularly pertinent because of the importance of reputation to brand value. Natural resources are not all about risks though, fantastic opportunities are there for those who innovate across the value chain.


What Drives Demand for Natural Resources?

Demand for natural resources has been correlated with economic growth, but there are more factors at play than simple economics. Population change alone does also not lead to more demands for natural resources – although both contribute. Factors such as income growth, environmental change, advances in technology and price pressure all impact demand.


Free Webinar: The New Normal for Natural Resources

Consumers have become more interested in green products, and businesses are expected to play a lead role in promoting sustainability goals. How can organizations incorporate sustainability into every aspect of the supply chain, from suppliers to transport and disposal?


Free White Paper: Sustainability and the New Normal for Natural Resources

Examine the major resource types: energy, water, food metals, and minerals; analyse key drivers affecting supply and demand for natural resources and explore threats posed to businesses in our latest white paper.


Three Key Factors Driving the Green Economy

Growing threats to sustainability are leading both governments and businesses to explore different elements of the green economy. As the green economy gains traction, it is important for all stakeholders to understand the key factors driving it as they are relevant for policy making and determining the future business models.


Free Report: Global Water Risk – Building a Resilient Business

Nearly 1 billion people live without access to safe drinking water. Classed by the World Economic Forum as the world’s number one long term risk, water crisis is a key issue impacting businesses across industries. This strategy briefing extract looks at how a range of companies are tackling this pressing concern, from supply chain management to community initiatives and product innovation.


Free Report: Global Changemakers – Real Market Impact of Empowered Consumers

Global changemakers are starting to put experiences, authenticity and durability before convenience and the gathering of material possessions. They are paying more attention to product labels and ethical purchasing choices. This drive to change the world for the better has boosted demand for responsible brands. Learn more about these changemakers in our latest report.


Free Report: Eco-Worriers – Global Green Behaviour and Market Impact

Sixty-four percent of consumers across the world claim that they try to have a positive impact on the environment on an everyday basis. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, organisations need to adapt to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Read this white paper to learn how to analyse the most important factors to consumers during purchasing decisions.


The Resources Landscape: Vital for Business

Natural resources pose an operational and reputational risk for all companies in all sectors. An understanding of the resource landscape and an awareness of the risks and opportunities stemming from natural resources should be top of the business agenda.


Top 3 Trends in Natural Resources for 2017

Euromonitor International has identified three key trends in natural resources for 2017 in our latest blog post. The state of natural resources bear strong significance for the supply chain and manufacturing process as this involves future costs and profit margins. The finite supply of natural resources unless managed effectively can not only lead to higher costs but even threaten future growth of some commercial activities.


To learn more about how we can help you with your business goals and strategy, contact us.

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