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WTM Global Trends Report Correctly Predicts the Future of the Travel Industry

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The WTM Global Trends Report, in association with Euromonitor International, has a long-standing history of accurately predicting trends set to impact the travel and tourism industry. Launched last year at World Travel Market, the WTM Global Trends Report 2012 correctly predicted some significant trends in the travel and tourism industry.

BRICs' grand shopping tour of Europe

The Global Trends Report 2012 predicted that inbound tourism from BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) would experience incredible growth in Europe. Newly released data by  Euromonitor International confirmed this prediction. Croatia experienced 93% growth in arrivals from China and 40% from Brazil in 2012. Cyprus recorded 42% growth in arrivals from Russia, while arrivals from India to the Netherlands increased by 18%. European governments are slowly realising the importance of attracting more tourists from the BRIC countries.

For example, the UK Home Office recently announced plans to introduce a guidance leaflet in Mandarin and a debate has started about the possibility of easing the visa processing system.

Hotels are also looking at theBRIC countries to boost their revenues. According to a recent survey by Hotels.com, about a quarter of hoteliers offered cultural awareness training to staff.  As predicted by the Global Trends Report 2012, not only travel players but also retailers are benefiting from BRIC arrivals. For example, spending by tourists at retail outlets within Heathrow
Airport from the BRIC countries increased by 18% in 2012.

Digital Detox at Hotels

The2012 Global Trends Report highlighted digital detox at hotels as a key trend to watch. With the growing penetration of smartphones, tablets and smaller laptops, consumers are addicted to their devices and as a result, hotels now offer digital detox holidays.  Digital detox packages are flourishing around the world including the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, the Echo Valley Ranch, the Palm Island exclusive private island resort and the Monaco Chicago in Downtown Chicago.  More and more options are available for those seeking to unplug: wallpaper blocking Wi-Fi, Internet-free holidays, excursions by non-motorized transport and software forcing tourists off addictive sites.

Destination Nollywood

The WTM Global Trends Report 2012 also correctly predicted that Nollywood, the world’s second largest film industry in volume terms after Bollywood in India and ahead of Hollywood in the US, would help boost tourism in Nigeria.  In the report, Euromonitor highlighted that Nollywood is changing stereotypes about Nigeria, by showing its culture, norms, creativity and hospitality, attracting domestic and regional African tourists to Nigeria.  This is confirmed by recently published Euromonitor data showing inbound arrivals to Nigeria increased by 2% last year and is
forecasted to grow by 3% by 2017.

Mr. Tomi Akingbogun, the president of the Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria, recently described tourism in Nigeria as globally competitive.  At Nollywood’s 20th anniversary, President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan announced the Federal Government will give Nigeria’s film industry a grant of N3 billion and acknowledged the important role Nollywood plays in promoting the brand image of Nigeria both within and outside the continent.

For the eighth year running, Euromonitor, in conjunction with WTM, will release the annual Global Trends Report 2013 at a press conference for the world’s media at World Travel Market
on Monday 4 November at 1 pm, Platinum Suites 5 & 6 at Excel Centre in London. A session for WTM exhibitors and visitors takes place on Tuesday 5 November at 2 pm, in South Gallery Rooms 15 & 16. Join Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel and Tourism Research at Euromonitor International, to find out the latest trends in the travel industry.

Unable to attend? Pre-register for the report now and we will send a copy the day it is released. Check out our social media competition to win a travel report valued at US$2,500.

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