Beauty and Personal Care in Ahmedabad

March 2018

Ahmedabad is the seventh most populous city in India, and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country in terms of population. The city’s culture is traditional and simple, with Hindus being the predominant religious community. Consumers in the city are becoming more conscious about their appearance. With rising disposable incomes and more aspirational attitudes, consumers have increased expenditure on beauty and personal care products.

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Transition from home-made products to beauty parlours and packaged beauty products

Many consumers in Ahmedabad use home-made beauty products, especially for facial and skin care. However, an increase in beauty consciousness among many individuals, coupled with rising disposable incomes, has led consumers to increase their expenditure on packaged beauty products. Also, a greater portion of the population, especially the young working population, visit beauty parlours for their grooming needs.

Introduction of halal-certified beauty and personal care products

The introduction of halal certified beauty and personal care products was well received by the majority of the population, especially the large vegetarian and Muslim population. Halal certified products are free of pig fat and other animal derivatives and alcohol. In addition to this, such products are also devoid of harsh chemicals, and preservatives such as sulphates and parabens.

Increase in demand for beauty products during festivals

The majority of the population in the city engage in need-based purchases of beauty and personal care products. This is because they are price conscious and seek value for money products. During festivals such as Navratri, however,people increase their consumption, especially for beauty products, because they dress up with enthusiasm and engage in traditional dance forms, such as Dandiya and Garba.

Growing presence of both physical and online beauty specialist retailers

Working class consumers, especially in the newer parts of the city, tend to show a greater preference for home grown beauty specialist retailers as they offer value for money products, as well as masstige and premium brands. A large number of consumers purchase beauty and personal care products online, given their busy lifestyles.

City profile: fast-growing and embracing new industries
Consumer profile: traditional and unsophisticated, but changing
A typical daily routine
Key findings
Increasing demand for packaged beauty products
Consumers shift from self grooming to professional grooming
Low demand for natural and herbal products
First city to witness the introduction of halal friendly products
Shopping intensifies during festivals, driven by deep discounts
Different preferences among millennials and baby boomers
Beauty specialist retailers – the preferred channel
Alternate channels for beauty and personal care products
Glowel Cosmetics
Ecotrail Personal Care Pvt Ltd
Key takeaways


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