Beauty and Personal Care in Guangzhou

March 2018

High birth rate and solid marketing drive growth of baby and child-specific products in Guangzhou. Wholesalers and beauty specialist store witness wide market presence among overall retailing channel. Mass brands outperform premium ones in local beauty and personal care market. Local brands positioned as mass are competitive due to high quality and reasonable price thanks to the profound history of OEM/ODM in local area.

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The indispensable role of baby and child-specific products is driven by high birth rate, solid marketing and distribution construction

Embracing traditional birth custom and the macro policy exampled by the second-child policy, Guangzhou has claimed high birth rate, which has resulted in the ascending demand for baby and child-specific products among local consumers. Thanks to the dedicated efforts made with respect to enrichment of product lines, channel optimization and marketing campaign, the sector of baby and child-specific products is of significant role in Guangzhou.

Wholesalers and beauty specialist stores have stayed competitive among overall beauty and personal care distribution

Guangzhou’s heavy reliance on manufacturing has led to the prosperity of local beauty and personal care (BPC) specific wholesalers, many of which are well operating in clusters. Besides, beauty specialist retailers exampled by Gialen Cosmetics Co Ltd are enjoying wide market presence by offering consumers with self-owned and other well-performed BPC brands.

Mass brands outperform premium brands in local beauty and personal care market

Rational consumption perception among Guangzhouese fuel up the sales of mass BPC brands featured as valuable since local consumers generally prefer to purchase premium BPC products in nearby Hong Kong. Mass brands in local area have stayed competitive, thanks to the effective distribution and ever improved customer service exampled by the professional production introduction from well-trained in-store beauty advancer (BA).

Local mass brands benefiting from accumulated OEM/ODM experience are competitive due to high quality and reasonable price

Performing in a generally mass-driven market in the context of beauty and personal care, local brands with unambiguous positioning and healthy-concept claiming are gaining prevalence. In addition, advanced manufacturing skill originating from profound OEM/ODM history for global BPC brands have rendered the high-grade products under local mass brands.

Guangzhou : important foreign trading port in South China
Consumer profile: health-oriented and brand-sensitive
A typical daily regime
Key findings
High birth rate supports growth in baby and child-specific products
Dedicated marketing drives sales of baby and child-specific products
Wholesalers have a key role in local distribution
Beauty specialist retailers also gain a wide market presence
Mass beauty and personal care dominates the local market
Cost-conscious consumption propels growth of mass products
Local mass brands are competitive in beauty and personal care
Strong history in OEM/ODM is beneficial to local mass brands
Guangzhou Weimeizi Personal Care Co Ltd
Bawang (Guangzhou) Co Ltd
G uangzhou Lixin Cosmetics Co Ltd
Key takeaways


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