Beauty and Personal Care in Indore

April 2019

The residents of Indore do not have a strict beauty regime, as most women are homemakers, and tend to use beauty products only as and when required. However, as the migrant workforce rises and women find employment in shopping malls, corporate offices and beauty and fashion stores, the requirement for beauty products such as lipstick is rising. The city is also witnessing a surge in professional grooming salons, which cater to the high demand during festive seasons and other occasions.

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Key findings

Traditional retail outlets dominate beauty and personal care

Indore has some age-old markets that are popular and frequented by thousands of consumers. These stores truly understand their tastes and preferences. For instance, even with the growing number of malls and exclusive stores, people still visit markets such as MT Market, Kothari Market and Sarafa Bazar due to their expansive product portfolios. They also offer consumers an opportunity to bargain, giving them a sense of buying value for money products.

Consumers tend to opt for known brands of essential products

Consumers in Indore do not see the need to spend on products that are not essential in their daily regimes. This ideology has kept the use of add-ons to essential beauty and personal care products to a minimum. When it comes to brand preference, in general consumers are happy with any known brands – they are not too particular about the brands being premium or elite.

With low DIY, salons are frequented regularly. Therefore, salons are important for building product awareness

The DIY culture is not strong in Indore, apart from a few traditional practices. People in general keep their use of beauty products to a minimum. This, coupled with the reasonable pricing of salon services, has further impacted the DIY trend. With salons being frequented regularly, it is an important channel in terms of raising product and brand awareness among consumers. Recommendations from salon professionals impact consumers’ product purchases.

The consumption of herbal beauty products is rising in the city

The demand for herbal products is increasing in the city, primarily driven by rising awareness of health and the impact of using chemical products. As a result, the city has also witnessed growth of both national and local retailers of natural beauty products, such as Patanjali and The Body Shop, to cater to consumer demand.


City profile: overview
Consumer profile: young, social and modern-thinking
A typical daily regime
Key findings
Hair care products garner attention from all consumer groups
Increasing demand for men’s grooming products
Natural/ayurvedic brands have a strong foothold in the city
Local salons stimulate the demand for cosmetics
On-demand beauty services are gaining popularity
Bangle stores: a convenient channel for buying beauty products
Herbal Dream Ayurveda Creations Pvt Ltd
Prem Henna Pvt Ltd
Dabur India Ltd’s NewU
Key takeaways


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