Beauty and Personal Care in Mumbai

December 2017

Mumbai has a diverse population of various income groups which attracts demand for both mass and premium beauty brands. The influence of Bollywood and the fashion industry makes people experimental in nature and willing to try out new products making the city suitable for new product launches. Mumbai is a haven for make-up lovers and has a strong retail network selling BPC products in its huge malls, stand-alone beauty stores, small local stores and well-known historic street shopping areas.

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Weather conditions strongly impact choice in beauty products

Due to humid and hot climatic conditions, perspiration is a significant issue for people in Mumbai. Hence, frequency of usage of bath and shower products is higher as consumers tend to take a bath twice a day. Consumers in the city also prefer lemon and menthol based variants as these provide a cooling effect to the body. Products such as prickly heat powder/talcum powder, non-greasy moisturisers and frizz control shampoos are also in demand.

Men’s grooming is gaining popularity

Influenced by the professional and business environments, the importance of grooming among men is increasing in the city and this is not simply restricted to usage of deodorants, pre- and post-shave needs but also products such as facial moisturisers with special attributes such as fairness creams and dark spot reduction creams, oil-control face wash, shower gels, hair styling gels etc to improve their presentation and personal hygiene.

South versus rest of Mumbai divide creates two distinct opportunities

The wide gap in income between residents in South Mumbai and other suburbs is also reflected in the city’s heterogeneous demand for BPC products. South Mumbai, the richest urban area in the country, is quite progressive and on-trend in self grooming and splurging on luxury brands. Residents of other areas represent a mixed group of consumers who prefer a mix of high-end and masstige brands or some who always opt for mass BPC brands.

Mumbai is an attractive platform for brand launches

Mumbai aligns with a sort of effortless style and glamour and its meticulousness in beauty care regimes and enthusiasm for quality beauty products, attracts various national and international brands to choose Mumbai to launch new products. Consumers being experimental in nature, tend to try out new products which makes Mumbai a preferred destination to launch or test market new products.

Mumbai: Financial capital of India

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Consumer profile: Aware, fast-paced and well-groomed
A typical daily regime
Key findings
Climate largely shapes city’s beauty and personal hygiene regimes
Professional salon and spa services are becoming prominent
Men’s grooming is a serious business
Choices in men’s grooming aplenty
Stark division exists between South and rest of Mumbai
Beauty retail influenced by South/rest of Mumbai divide
Mumbai: Popular launch pad for beauty products
Mumbai is a favourite city for global beauty companies
Beauty Centre group
The Soap Opera Company
Key takeaways


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