Beauty and Personal care in Wuhan

March 2018

Comparatively lower disposable income limits Wuhanese consumption on beauty products within mass brands, domestic ones in particular. Hometown to Mulan, the legendary heroine in ancient China, Wuhan traditionally values the pure beauty of natural face, resulting in more positive prospect for skincare and cosmetic surgeries. Local beauty specialist stores plays a crucial role in distribution, while premium international brands are mostly concentrated within Wushang Plaza area.

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Comparatively lower disposable income levels results in dominance of domestic brands

Wuhanese, given their comparatively lower income levels, mainly seek economical solutions for beauty and personal care. Domestic brands, typically positioned mass to middle end, accordingly gain noticeable popularity in Wuhan. Besides, by targeting on a wide consumer base including both children and male consumers and optimizing product offerings, domestic players manage to consistently maintain its dominance in Wuhan.

Wuhanese celebrates natural look with minimal cosmetic traces

Under the strong influence of Mulan culture which speaks highly of women’s natural beauty and inner strength, Wuhanese cultivates an aesthetic of simple beauty and expects to improve their appearance without noticeable artificial traces. Skincare products featuring herbal ingredients and cosmetic surgeries able to fabricate a “naturally” beautiful face therefore record more positive performance than colour cosmetics.

Chained beauty specialist stores rapidly expand with professional beauty products and services

Featuring a wide selection of beauty products of various domestic and overseas brands and positioned from mass to high end, chained beauty specialist stores record prominent performance in Wuhan. In store, consumers not only enjoy different kinds of discounts, but are also offered all kinds of professional beauty services including facial spa and make-up.

Concentration of premium beauty brands within Wushang Plaza impedes their access to consumers

Premium overseas beauty brands are only available by a few of counters located within Wushang Plaza area at Hankou town. Given the grand metropolitan area of Wuhan consisting of Hanko, Wuchang and Hanyang,such concentration directly frustrates the exposure and access of these brands to all Wuhanese.

Wuhan: manufacturing and transportation hub in the Central China
Consumer Profile: price sensitive, function-driven and convenience-oriented
A Typical Daily Regime
Key findings
Domestic beauty brands are popular in Wuhan with affordability
Products variety further excites popularity of domestic brands
Mulan Culture encourages brands offering natural beauty
Cosmetic surgeries are popular by fabricating a “natural” look
Beauty specialist stores are crucial in beauty products distribution
In-store services strengthen popularity of beauty specialist stores
Premium brands are concentrated within Wushang Plaza area
Unbalanced distribution limits availability of premium brands
Huanggang Jinmengzhuang Cosmetics Co Ltd
Hubei C-Bons Co Ltd
Wuhan Libiao Cosmetics Co Ltd
Key Takeaways


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