Beauty and Personal Care in Xiamen

September 2019

Xiamen is in a subtropical location with a monsoon climate, and experiences high rainfall and temperatures in the summer. Xiamenese consumers tend to prefer cosmetics featuring a high level of sun protection. In addition, beauty products, especially skin care products with herbal elements, such as Pien Tze Huang, enjoy a high penetration rate in Xiamen.

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Key findings

Local preference for medical ingredients drives up sales of cosmeceutical products.

The traditional Chinese herbal formula Pien Tze Huang is widely popular among both locals and tourists. Its formula is solely owned by Zhang Zhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. Local consumers generally have a strong interest in natural and herbal products, which have a significant presence in supermarkets and drugstores.

Domestic brands and international brands both have a strong presence, typically at opposite ends of the price spectrum

Xiamen is strategically important for international brands. International brands usually prefer distribution in local high-end shopping malls targeting wealthier consumers. Domestic brands, such as Herborist, typically set up counters in department stores.

Cross-border e-commerce and beauty specialist stores are key channels for beauty and personal care

The establishment of a free-trade zone in Xiamen has given local consumers and tourists greater access to imported beauty and personal care products, with competitive prices and guarantees of quality. The wide variety of products available and customised services attract consumers to purchase in beauty specialist stores and at local spas.

Strong competition in hair care and body care in Xiamen

Imported brands have increased the range of hair care and body care available in Xiamen. Local mid- and high-end supermarkets have introduced selected products from other Asian countries, notably Japan and South Korea. Domestic brands compete with imported brands through a presence in community stores and effective local marketing.


Xiamen: a premier seaport and popular tourist destination in China
Consumer profile: h erbal , natural and international
A typical daily regime
Key findings
Pien Tze Huang is well known to locals and tourists
Herbal and dermocosmetics products are popular among locals
Multinational brands prefer shopping malls as market entry
Local and domestic brands set up counters in department stores
Establishment of the free-trade zone facilitates imported brands
Locals prefer neighbourhood beauty specialist stores and spas
Mass products enter local convenience and community stores
Japanese and South Korean brands present in high-end supermarkets
Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Xiamen Shufeiya Cosmetics Co Ltd
Da Yuan Cao Biotechnology Co Ltd
Key takeaways


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