Beauty and Personal Care in Xi’an

December 2017

Considered the starting point of the Silk Road in ancient China, Xi’an has been immersed within a diversified culture under the strong influence of Western Ethnicities, which directly contributed to a deep tradition of routinized fragrance use and make-up. Thanks to the rising income levels, department stores featuring wide selection of both premium and mass products are dominating distribution. To the contrary, beauty specialist stores are struggling with limited access to Xi’anese.

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Premium fragrance are highly popular and fast growing in Xi’an

Embracing a deep tradition of fragrance use dating back to Han dynasty when perfume products were brought to Xi’an from the Silk Road, the city has revealed a strong demand for fragrance. Besides, residents from other ethnic groups in Xi’an, generally with stronger body smell, further strengthen the need for fragrance products. Meanwhile, consistently rising income levels render premium fragrance particularly popular among Xi’anese.

Department stores out perform other channels in beauty and personal products distribution in Xi’an

Typically featuring a wide selection of brands and products, department stores in Xi’an not only set up stores or counters for premium beauty brands, but also leave adequate selling spaces for mass brands generally retailed in hyper/supermarkets otherwise. Meanwhile, worsened air pollution also excite growth of premium products, which are generally retailed at department stores.

Make-up tradition leads to prominence of colour cosmetics in Xi’an

As the capital to multiple dynasties in ancient China, Xi’an has cultivated a long tradition of leading the make-up trend ahead of the entire country in the past,underlying a great demand for colour cosmetics by modern Xi’anese. Besides,the historical integration with other western ethnicities in Xi’an leads to anaesthetic celebrating western faces, which particularly fuels up growth of cosmetics with vibrant colours to create more sculptured face.

Beauty specialist stores are struggling to survive

Faced with the aggressive performance of department stores, beauty specialist stores in Xi’an are struggling to maintain their tiny shares in the market with lower pricing and varied trendy products. The small urban area of Xi’an makes the fragmented distribution of beauty specialist stores in suburban region, further frustrating their access to consumers.

Beauty and Personal Care in Xi’an
Xi’an: startgate of the ancient silk road with long history
Consumer Profile: trendy , ethnic, and brands-sensitive
A Typical Daily Regime
Key findings
The old Silk Road has brought in the early acceptance of perfume
Rising income levels lead to preference to premium fragrance
Department stores dominate beauty products distribution
Dry climate and polluted air fuel up premium skincare products
R oyal culture made Xi’an set make-up trends in ancient China
The westernized aesthetic drives up the sales of colour cosmetics
Small urban area restricted distribution of beauty specialist stores
Beauty specialist stores are struggling to survive with lower pricings
Xi’an Janssen Pharmaceutical
Xianyang Kangda Medical Co Ltd
Baoji Meilange Xiangshuilang Co Ltd
Key Takeaways


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