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Beauty and Personal Care Packaging in Asia Pacific: Examining the Opportunities

February 2015

Growth from India, China and Indonesia drives Asia Pacific to lead packaging demand in the global beauty and personal care industry. Manufacturers launch in innovative pack formats, sizes and functionality with leading pack types of squeezable plastic tubes, glass and PET in response to consumer demand for convenience. With growth in oral and skin care and niche categories such as men’s grooming and baby care, Asia Pacific is both an exciting and challenging region for packaging manufacturers.

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Asia Pacific largest but also strongest BPC performer in the globe

Asia Pacific was the strongest performer globally with a 5% CAGR over 2008-2013. India, Indonesia and China in particular have seen an increase in demand for beauty products driven by growing purchasing power of consumers.

India and China drive growth of BPC packaging

International brands, wider availability, pack option variety in both format and size, affordable pricing, convenient packaging and multi-functionality have attracted the growing middle class of India and China to invest in personal care.

Squeezable plastic tubes witnessed highest absolute volume growth over 2008-2013

India's heightened demand for toothpaste replacing traditional products for brushing has significantly contributed to the increase in sales of oral care and consequently squeezable plastic tubes. Key end-user skin care’s growth in India, Indonesia and China also boosted demand for user-friendly squeezable plastic.

Demand for premium products drive growth of glass

Indonesia and China are seeing increasing demand for premium skin care, leading glass to be one of the strongest performers. Glass is not only being used now by premium brands but also mass to invoke a perception of quality.

Manufacturers enter developing markets with affordable pack sizes

Manufacturers launching new pack types have also put emphasis on pack sizes to meet value for money demand from Asian consumers, i.e. smaller packs to offer the cheapest cash outlay, and larger packs for savings in the long run.

Flexibles to lead in emerging markets in the near future

Despite rigid plastic expected to increase its share through squeezable plastic tubes and PET, flexible packaging will remain the leading pack type due to its low cost and ease of use for smaller pack sizes.

New growth frontiers to look out for

Key niche categories enjoying significant growth are baby and child-specific products and deodorants. In particular, men's skin care and deodorants in India have seen a surge in demand, driven by aggressive campaigns using Bollywood stars.


Key findings

Global Beauty Packaging

Asia Pacific biggest contributor to global beauty packaging growth
PET and squeezable tubes sustain rigid plastic’s leading position
Versatility of rigid plastic ensures its presence in most categories
MEA and Asia provide best regional packaging performance
Asia Pacific b eauty sales witness surge despite flat GDP growth
Asia Pacific’s forecast growth indicates unexplored opportunities

Asia Pacific Beauty Packaging

India contributes in volume, however China brings in the revenue
China vs India: Predicted absolute growth by BPC category
Lower cost flexibles most dominant in lower per capita spend countries
R igid plastic sees growth in demand in Asia Pacific
Good growth in largest categories, even more dynamic in niche ones
New product innovations drive growth of niche BPC categories
Niche category: Demand for convenience drives innovation in Japan
Niche category: HDPE gains from growing demand for baby care
Niche category: Baby care sees growth despite falling birth rate
Squeezable plastic tubes and glass to see highest growth to 2018
Squeezable tubes growth fuelled by skin care and oral care
New product launches in skin care boost squeezable tube sales
Skin care brands target older consumers with packaging add-ons
Premiumisation in beauty and personal care drives glass demand
Whitening skin care in glass allures premium and mass consumer
Stand-up pouches a growing phenomenon in Asia Pacific toiletries
Plastic pouches’ value for money make them attractive
Japan pouches: Eco-friendly, convenient and must look good
Indonesia pouches: Convenient pack formats and eco initiatives
Pouches in the Philippines: Economical pack sizes
PET receives a boost from growing sales of mouthwashes in India

India: Key Regional Driver

Case study: India a key volume opportunity market
Indian beauty and personal care packaging grows by 6% in 2014
Single sachet in hair care a winning solution to affordability
International players capture hair care market with right pack sizes
Aerosol recording dynamic growth in India from sales of deodorants
Axe losing share to new market entrant Fogg
Squeezable tubes to double sales in Indian men’s skin care by 2018
Emami leads in Indian men’s skin care
Keys to success: Understand, reach out and customise


Beauty and personal care packaging volume by region in 2014
The two powerhouses, India and China, to lead growth
Squeezable plastic tubes to benefit from skin and oral care growth
Tap into Asia Pacific with the right formula


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