Beauty in Latin America: A Revolution of Expectations

July 2014

A new middle class has emerged in Latin America, less affluent than the traditional middle class but hugely aspirational. Economic growth might have cooled, but Latin Americans are more engaged with beauty and personal care than ever before, and they are savvy about brands. Tapping into the region’s burgeoning sophistication and meeting consumers’ high expectations in terms of a brand’s quality, functionality and price point will define the industry’s key battlegrounds over 2013-2018.

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A new middle class demands better beauty products

Notwithstanding the region’s economic problems, a new sophisticated, brand-savvy and aesthetically aware generation, has evolved that is very demanding in terms of beauty product innovation, functionality and value for money.

Shopping mall boom

Latin Americans are flocking to a myriad of new shopping malls, attracted by their security and the “retail-entertainment” environment. These malls are key engines of growth for beauty specialist retailers and department stores.

Social media revolution

Latin Americans are among the biggest users of social media platforms globally, especially Facebook. This is triggering new battlegrounds for beauty and personal care as leading brands look to get closer to consumers.

The “grey” dollar

The population aged 55 and over is bulging and creating new segmentation challenges for the beauty industry. Anti-agers in particular, are an opportunity in the making.

Latin male vanity and income disparity

Latin American men are doing more of their own beauty and personal care shopping, which is a shift from five years ago. Income disparity means they have more disposable income and they are therefore are bigger spenders than women. They are heavily influenced by advertising and marketing campaigns.

Door-to-door culture

Direct selling still comprises a key distribution channel despite wider access to modern physical stores. The one-to-one personal touch matters a great deal in this region, and is a model for specialist beauty retailers building new positions.

Affordable premiumisation

As spending power gets squeezed in key markets, there will be growing demand for brands that have a premium image but an accessible price point.

National pride

A handful of local brands are beginning to challenge the global players in these markets.

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Key findings

Macro View: Modern Latin America

A revolution of middle-class expectations
A household sophistication tilt
Discerning and brand-savvy consumers
Latin America goes to the mall
I nternet ups the ante
Digitally-savvy continent
G rowing value of “grey” dollar
Navigating economic headwinds

Spotlight on Beauty

Beauty as gateway to better life
Rising demand for premium features at affordable prices
Regular innovation key to fast-growing subcategories
Specialist retailers make gains but direct selling remains a force
The billion dollar brands
Global players reliant on the region for growth
Local brands flex nationalistic muscle to win over consumers

Category Battlegrounds

Hair care fashions remarkable growth in Brazil and Mexico
Homespun Latin American fragrances set the agenda
Time for skin care to ramp up regional innovation
D eodorant sprays face challenging demographics
Nail polish on course to dethrone lipstick
Latin American men do more of their own personal care shopping
Myriad strategic challenges ahead for fast-growing products

Brazil: Key Regional Driver

Close-up on Brazil: A culture of beauty
Brazil is a key driver of global beauty industry growth
Buoyant demand flouts negative shifts in the local economy
Brazil’s main regional battlegrounds
Brazil’s direct sellers face growing challenge from malls
A new era of retail-tainment
Brazil’s beauty specialist giant

Mexico and the Second Tier

Mexico’s new middle class expands into smaller cities
Value for money is key in cash-strapped Argentina
Colombians get a taste for store cards and modern retail
Chilean women brighten up their beauty care regimes
Venezuela hits rock bottom but beauty culture prevails

Strategic Outlook

Spotlight on the sexes
The rise of a digitally sociable continent
Burgeoning consumer credit culture is a boon for premium brands
Latin America’s store- based challenge
Innate aspiration breeds a lucrative premium segment
Latin America’s revolution of expectations


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