Beauty Survey: Evolution of Beauty Routines Becomes a Key Innovation Driver

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Jan 2017

This report presents product usage and beauty routine insights from Euromonitor International’s Beauty Survey. It examines how cultural and wellness trends are reshaping routines, as well as how routines are shifting as consumers age. This report explores category differences between hair care, skin care, and colour cosmetics; it also analyses market, age, gender and user-type differences, drawing on Beauty Survey data encompassing 20 markets and 20,000+ online consumers.

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Beauty Survey: Evolution of Beauty Routines Becomes a Key Innovation Driver

Diversity of global beauty routines creates expansion opportunities

Utilising the diversity of beauty regimens and cultures offers room for routine expansion and evolution influenced by regional differences as well as demographic changes.

Untapped potential in low usage frequency of skin care products

The old mantra of ‘cleanse – tone – moisturise’ has not become the established routine for the majority of consumers, and there is especially untapped potential in the basic routine of the male consumer base.

Hair care routine expansion drives product line diversification

Hair care is becoming increasingly akin to skin care in terms of routine approach and stark regional differences in usage of new hair treatment products offer room for routine expansion into new markets.

Colour cosmetics: high number of products, low usage frequency

Despite the relatively low ratio of consumers using make-up products daily, the category is one of the most intense in terms of product innovations and reformulations, which is driving growing usage frequency, especially in Asia.

Millennials are the most frequent users of all hair care products

While consumers start to pay particular attention to skin care in their 30s, hair care is more of the younger generation’s arena. Even hair loss treatments show a higher ratio of under 30s using them daily than any other age group.

But Generation X are most focused on skin care

Skin care is a high priority for all generations, but skin care routines become most sophisticated in the second half of consumers’ 30s. Generation X are the most frequent users of all skin care products, with the exception of anti-agers, and surging new product categories, such as facial masks and mists.

Premium buyers tend to have more extensive routines

While usage of mass brands is more evenly spread across all consumer types in terms of product consumption, the proportion of premium brands’ usage is higher for ‘Extensives’.


Key findings

Routine Evolution Projects Future Trends

Beauty routines evolve around multiple axes
Emerging category opportunities driven by diverse beauty routines
Beauty routine expansions drive growth of premium categories
New health-aligned beauty mind-set opens up new opportunities

Utilising Regional Diversity for Routine Expansion

Diversity of beauty routines creates cross-regional opportunities
Scope for hair care routine expansion in new geographies
Hair treatments offer most potential for routine expansion
The rise of new format innovations across regions
Untapped potential in low usage frequency of skin care products
Face masks: local tailoring a key aspect to further penetration
Focus on local skin type and product feature preferences
Intense format innovations also drive high rate of usage adoption
Anti-agers: growing health alignment drives penetration
Sunscreen penetration benefits from health-focused beauty
Global potential: men’s skin care needs to go beyond facial care
Global potential: intensifying innovation activity in colour cosmetics
Latin America the most penetrated colour cosmetics market
Asia the next colour cosmetics market to watch

Changing Beauty Regimens at Different Life Stages

Defining trends driving evolution of beauty regimes
Extensive beauty routines most typical for consumers under 40
Millennials the most frequent users of all hair care products
Demand for hair loss treatments on the rise
Increasing focus on hair loss prevention and regrowth
Generation X most focused on skin care
New, trendy products resonate most with younger consumers
Make-up and hair care products most likely to be discontinued…
…but grooming habits remain largely consistent over time

Trading up Boosts Routine Expansion

Premium buyers tend to have more extensive routines
Room for premiumisation in markets with most extensive routines
Premium buyers go beyond the basics
Extensive routines connect more with premium labels

Future Impacts

Future developments in beauty driven by routine evolution
Category opportunities and challenges
Winning strategies aligned to consumer behaviour


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