Because they’re Worth It: Pet Care Global Overview

October 2016

The global pet care market continues to exhibit strong growth, mainly driven by the premium dog and cat food, pet treats and other pet products segments, as a growing number of owners around the world come to think of their pets as family members or even ersatz children. As a result, the gap between human and pet food is steadily narrowing, as owners increasingly demand that the food they feed their pets is comparable in quality to what they are feeding themselves.

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Rising pet populations help drive volume growth

Pet ownership continues to grow in popularity across most developed and emerging markets, with a rising number of owners feeding their pets prepared food, rather than table scraps/leftovers.

Humanisation trend shows no sign of abating

Pet humanisation continues to deepen, as the companionship provided by pets, particularly cats and dogs, appears to address a fundamental psychological need in many people as society becomes more urbanised and atomised.

Premiumisation continues to deepen

Value sales of premium dog and cat food and pet treats continue to significantly outperform the wider pet food market, particularly in North America.

The narrowing gap between pet food and human food

In the premium dog and cat food segment, a growing number of consumers are willing to pay a significant premium for products that are “human grade”, “grain free”, “raw”, “hypoallergenic” or contain “superfood” ingredients.

Porky pets

Obesity is a growing problem among both dogs and cats worldwide. Awareness of this problem remains relatively low but is rising, as are sales of therapeutic products designed to tackle it.

The connected pet

Electronic gadgets for pets that are controlled by smartphones, such as interactive toys, smart feeders and Fitbit-style activity trackers, are growing in popularity, boosting sales in the other pet products segment.


Key findings

Global Overview

Premiumisation drives growth in a US$100 billion market
Sales surge sees Latin America surpass Asia Pacific
US market continues to dominate global growth
What is driving premiumisation?
More pets, smaller pets

Cat Food

Western Europe remains the world’s largest cat food market
Cat ownership on the rise
Steady growth in popularity of prepared cat food
Premium products eclipse mid-priced offerings globally
Chubby cats boost demand for therapeutic offerings
Indulgence trend buoys sales of cat treats in Europe
Mars leads the way towards sustainable cat food

Dog Food

North and Latin America main growth regions for dog food sales
Dogs particularly popular in Latin America and Eastern Europe
Prepared dog food gaining ground, but not in the US
North America drives premiumisation surge
Ingredient quality a key source of differentiation
Private label targets premium segment in Western Europe
A new breed of pet food retailer in North America
Artisanal products increasingly important in dog treats segment

Other Pet Food

Latin America key growth region in other pet food
Bird food sales fly into multiple headwinds
Western European decline weighs on global sales of fish food
UK drives growth in small mammal/reptile food

Pet Products

North American market dominates sales of pet products
Innovation drives growth in cat litter
Prescription products undermine demand for OTC pet healthcare
Raw food trends boosts demand for pet dietary supplements
Licensing increasingly important in other pet products segment …
…as are gadgets


Strong growth set to continue in pet care
Latin American and Asia Pacific regions increasingly important
Brazil set to become a billion-dollar growth market
Pet care set for explosive growth in India
Cultural change will help to foster growth in frontier markets


Gap between human and pet food will continue to narrow
Novel protein sources set to gain traction
Internet retail could be key to emerging market growth
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