Beverage Ingredients: Regional Insights

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May 2013

Regional variations in beverage demand and market performance can be quite considerable and this has significant implications for ingredients supply. This report provides an overview of the market for beverage ingredients, with particular reference to the differing needs of different regions around the world, examining key trends and developments in each of the seven major continental areas and highlighting the best opportunities for future growth.

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Beverage Ingredients: Regional Insights

Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market for the 13 key beverage ingredients, with a forecast CAGR of 6.4% from 2011-2016, just ahead of the Middle East and Africa with 5.6%. In contrast, the most developed regions will grow at CAGRs of under 1%.

The largest single markets are the US and China, with a combined share of 33% of beverage ingredient volumes. The top 10 markets overall represent 64% of global volume.

International distribution is vital to large ingredients firms in order to satisfy the needs of the world’s multinational beverage manufacturers, but a local presence is also key to understanding regional needs and to targeting innovative SMEs.

Developing markets demonstrate strength in depth for beverage ingredients. Total volumes are still growing strongly, ensuring continued demand for commodities, while tastes are diversifying, prompting rising interest in more value-added options.

Latin American markets are influenced by trends in North America, so future growth is expected in natural and healthy ingredients. Some strength remains in commodities, as the young population increases overall beverage consumption.

Health and naturalness are core issues in North America and Western Europe, and will have most influence on future ingredient development. The best opportunities will lie in new and innovative ingredients, and in new-generation end-use markets.

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Key findings

Global Market for Beverage Ingredients

Asia Pacific drives international growth
USA and China represent 33% of global volume
Growth will be driven by developing countries
Regional background and ingredient focus

Corporate Strategies

A regional spread is essential to target large multinationals
Ingredients firms look further and further afield
Beverage SMEs must not be overlooked

Regional Analysis

Asia Pacific: Best prospects in India, China and Vietnam
Asia Pacific: Key drivers and impact on ingredients
Asia Pacific: Growth opportunities in a wide range of beverages
Asia Pacific: Key targets for beverage ingredients
Asia Pacific: Good growth across the ingredient spectrum
Australasia: Both markets are mature and slow growing
Australasia: Key drivers and impact on ingredients
Australasia: Carbonates will decline as new age soft drinks expand
Australasia: Key targets for beverage ingredients
Australasia: Varied fortunes depending on main target markets
Eastern Europe: Smaller markets will see fastest increases
Eastern Europe: Key drivers and impact on ingredients
Eastern Europe: Vodka declining, while new age soft drinks flourish
Eastern Europe: Key targets for beverage ingredients
Eastern Europe: Functional/dairy beverage ingredients stand out
Latin America: Brazil is a key target, but strength is region-wide
Latin America: Key drivers and impact on ingredients
Latin America: New soft drinks complement strong carbonates
Latin America: Key targets for beverage ingredients
Latin America: Slowing but still respectable growth rates
Middle East and Africa: Multiple targets with significant potential
Middle East and Africa: Key drivers and impact on ingredients
Middle East and Africa: Good growth across the board
Middle East and Africa: Key targets for beverage ingredients
Middle East and Africa: Strength in depth for different ingredients
North America: Mature region that requires focus on value-added
North America: Key drivers and impact on ingredients
North America: Newer soft drinks categories are strong and growing
North America: Key targets for beverage ingredients
North America: Mature end-use markets hold back ingredients
Western Europe: Low or negative CAGRs across the board
Western Europe: Key drivers and impact on ingredients
Western Europe: Many mature categories so focus on innovation
Western Europe: Key targets for beverage ingredients
Western Europe: Only slow growth anticipated in most categories


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