Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Sponsorships Emergence and Impact in Sports

April 2022

Crypto players have signed a myriad new partnership deals over the past year and are quickly becoming a disruptive force in the sports industry. While in the short term crypto sponsors can provide much-needed revenue to an industry highly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, in the medium to long term the crypto industry is set to become crucial for sport properties and stakeholders to maintain and increase a steady revenue flow to sustain growth.

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Key Findings

Crypto sponsors are increasingly popular among sports properties

Following the boom in popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, crypto sponsorships grew exponentially between 2020 and 2021 - a 900% growth across the world’s top-flight competitions - with crypto/property sponsorship ratio growing from 5% to 59% on average.

How crypto players benefit from sponsorship deals with sports properties

Crypto players benefit from sponsorships in matters of access to a vast and diversified demography, leverage of alternate platforms and increased acceptance as well as integrity of their products/services.

How sports properties benefit from sponsorship deals with crypto players

The benefits to sports properties from signing off crypto deals revolve around the unlocking of an untapped revenue source, catalysing digital transformation and the possibility to innovate fan engagement.

Opportunities for crypto deals exist among some of the world’s top properties

Despite the recent increase in crypto deals, several top-flight properties both in North America and in Europe remain ripe for partnership as they are yet to sign a deal with a crypto player.

Crypto exchanges and fan tokens are predominant among crypto deals

Popular fan token company had the highest number of crypto deals in 2021. Fan tokens and crypto exchanges make up the wide majority of all crypto researched across the top 10 sports leagues, at 74%.

Scope of the briefing
Key terms and definitions used in this report?
Rise of crypto - from novelty to boom
The many benefits of deals between sports properties and crypto players
NBA leads the way in crypto deals among widespread growth
North America: League hesitancy means open sponsorship opportunities?
European Football: Several top-flight teams among the properties without a crypto partner boasts highest deal volume globally, eToro follows suit in key European leagues
Fan tokens and exchanges make up 75% of crypto deals
Regulation: Future of crypto deals in sport tied to regulation and adoption
Integration: Fan tokens can unlock revenue for top properties from global fanbase
Acceptance: Crypto players move into digital wallet services can increase adoption
Challenges: Difficulties emerge as crypto assets and services spread among sport fans
Coinbase,, eToro and FTX make waves at Super Bowl LVI
Terraform Labs gets green light for sponsorship deal from majority of own token holders expands into wider entertainment industry with first esports fan token
Three things to expect in the future of crypto sponsorships?


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