Breakfast Cereals in Eastern Europe

February 2020

Breakfast cereals continues to post stable value growth in Eastern Europe. Sales are strongly supported by the popularity of hot cereals in many countries, as well as the health and wellness and convenience trends. Increasing consumer attention to ingredients has led manufacturers to launch reduced sugar, fortified, organic and gluten-free products. Over the next five years, breakfast cereals is set to continue to see value growth, driven by expected economic growth and changing lifestyles.

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Key Findings

Breakfast cereals sees healthy growth in Eastern Europe

Despite the rather complicated economic and political situation in Russia and Ukraine since 2014, breakfast cereals continued to post stable value growth in the region over 2014-2019. The category is strongly supported by the popularity of hot cereals in many countries in the region, as well as the greater adoption of the health and wellness and convenience trends.

Sales in Russia define the performance of the category in the region

The overwhelming share of value sales of breakfast cereals in the region falls to Russia. Due to its large market size and slow but continuing economic recovery, alongside the tradition of consuming hot cereals, Russia became the main contributor to the growth of breakfast cereals over 2014-2019 and is expected to drive the development of the category in the coming years.

Breakfast cereals sees an abundance of innovation in recent years

Increasing consumer attention to product content incentivised manufacturers to adapt their products by reducing sugar levels, carrying out product fortification and introducing organic and gluten-free ranges.

Smaller players are active, and often see success

Cereal Partners Worldwide, the leader in breakfast cereals in the region, has seen a declining value share since 2014. Overall, the category is becoming more competitive and diverse. Consumers are paying increased attention to local brands, which are positioned as healthier and more natural compared with products from multinational corporations, which normally have a higher sugar content.

Breakfast cereals has a bright forecast in the region

Over the course of the next five years, breakfast cereals is set to continue to see value sales growth, driven by prospective economic growth and changing lifestyles. Demographic factors will be among the potential restraining forces.


Key findings

Regional Overview

Eastern Europe is among the highest growing regions globally
Breakfast cereals develops at a stable and rather high pace
Hot cereals records a higher value CAGR
Dynamics in Russia affect the region as a whole
Sales in Ukraine decline due to economic and political crisis
Health and wellness trend drives breakfast cereals
Modern retail dominates the distribution of breakfast cereals
Private label development supports growth

Leading Companies and Brands

Competitive pressure from smaller players in Russia and Poland
Leading player in breakfast cereals loses value share
Both multinationals and strong regional companies among the leaders
Targeting children supports Nesquik’s leadership

Forecast Projections

Bright prospects for the development of breakfast cereals in the region
Russia will strongly impact the performance in Eastern Europe
Further growth is expected in nearly all the region’s markets
Positive economic forecast will be the main pillar of growth

Country Snapshots

Russia: market context
Russia: competitive and retail landscape
Poland: market context
Poland: competitive and retail landscape
Romania: market context
Romania: competitive and retail landscape
Czech Republic: market context
Czech Republic: competitive and retail landscape
Ukraine: market context
Ukraine: competitive and retail landscape
Hungary: market context
Hungary: competitive and retail landscape
Croatia: market context
Croatia: competitive and retail landscape
Belarus: market context
Belarus: competitive and retail landscape
Estonia: market context
Estonia: competitive and retail landscape
Lithuania: market context
Lithuania: competitive and retail landscape
Slovakia: market context
Slovakia: competitive and retail landscape
Bulgaria: market context
Bulgaria: competitive and retail landscape
Slovenia: market context
Slovenia: competitive and retail landscape
Serbia: market context
Serbia: competitive and retail landscape
Latvia: market context
Latvia: competitive and retail landscape
Bosnia and Herzegovina: market context
Bosnia and Herzegovina: competitive and retail landscape
Georgia: market context
Georgia: competitive and retail landscape
North Macedonia: market context
North Macedonia: competitive and retail landscape


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