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Carbonates in Latin America

April 2020

? Over the last five years healthier lifestyles have made carbonates public enemies due to high sugar content. However, 2019 appears a tipping point for carbonates in the region. As economic conditions improve in Latin America carbonates are expected to recover with consumers looking to indulge. Innovation will be key for brands as consumers look for indulgent drinks that do not compromise their health. Forecast growth will be tied to income growth and price changes.

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Key findings

Increased awareness of sugar content

Increased awareness regarding the sugar content of regular cola carbonates coupled with label regulations and a regional trend towards health and wellness were the principal drivers behind negative growth. Consumers are increasingly migrating to options with less sugar.

Low calorie carbonates to spark growth

Low calorie carbonates are the silver lining with strong growth over the review period for both multinational brands with reduced calorie/sugar variants and small local brands with natural ingredients. Product variety and availability will be key for low calorie carbonates in the future.

E-commerce to increase relevance

E-commerce is the fastest growing channel in the region in terms of off-trade volume sales but with mixed performance between countries. In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the channel will increase its relevance, but structural and logistical challenges lie ahead.

Price sensitivity to benefit small companies

Small local companies implemented aggressive pricing strategies that allowed them to take share from multinational companies as cash-strapped consumers in countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Mexico continue to value price as a differentiation factor over brand recognition.

Product reformulation and sustainability are key for future growth

Companies across the region have doubled down on reformulation effort to avoid the backlash from regulatory norms against sugar. Sustainability is becoming an important topic as consumers demand less plastic in packaging and more recycling options. Strategies in returnable packaging are also gaining traction in the region.

Key findings
Latin America leads in volume consumption terms
A return to positive growth expected for carbonates
Growth in Mexico dampened by recessions in South America
Mexico is the growth engine in the region
Changing lifestyles are a threat for carbonates
Changing lifestyles are a threat for carbonates
Independent small grocers are synonymous with carbonates
E-commerce is the fastest growing channel, with Chile leading the way
Market concentration is evident across the region
Small companies gain ground in struggling economies
Coca-Cola is present across the region but far from dominant
Mexican Red Cola sees the biggest improvement
Carbonates set to grow in all but two countries of the region
Carbonates set to grow in all but two countries of the region
Growth in carbonates is tied to economic performance
Growth in carbonates is tied to economic performance
Argentina: market context
Argentina: competitive and retail landscape
Bolivia: market context
Bolivia: competitive and retail landscape
Brazil: market context
Bolivia: competitive and retail landscape
Chile: market context
Chile: competitive and retail landscape
Colombia: market context
Colombia: competitive and retail landscape
Costa Rica: market context
Costa Rica: competitive and retail landscape
Dominican Republic: market context
Dominican Republic: competitive and retail landscape
Ecuador: market context
Ecuador: competitive and retail landscape
Guatemala: market context
Guatemala: competitive and retail landscape
Mexico: market context
Mexico: competitive and retail landscape
Peru: market context
Peru: competitive and retail landscape
Uruguay: market context
Uruguay: competitive and retail landscape
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