Case study

Competitive Analysis

Understanding the competitive landscape overseas

While looking to expand international sales in hair wigs and hair restoration, our client sought to evaluate the competitive landscape in the US, Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa, featuring leading player profiles and their main product offerings. Together with company profiles, our client sought to understand the market size and determine growth opportunities in each country.

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What we did

To begin the project, we collected information from the point of sale. We gathered data on available brands, product types, pricing, claims and benefit statements as highlighted on-pack. Taking advantage of on-site store visits, our analysts also conducted face-to-face interviews with store staff to get an initial sense of best-selling products and brands as well as related drivers and market trends.

Combined with initial secondary research on key brands and manufacturers, this phase allowed us to create a long list of leading players to profile, which we discussed with our client. Leading players were identified as those having the highest sales. Once the list was defined, we continued with secondary research and conducted in-depth trade interviews with leading market players and other key actors in the supply chain. 

In these discussions, we asked questions about product demand, company turnover, branding strategy and distribution mechanisms. 

Our team of in-country analysts and project consultants reviewed all the resulting information, compiled individual country reports and created an executive summary presentation answering our client’s vital commercial questions. Lastly, we delivered marketing material collected from the point of sale which provided additional visual input on how each brand positioned its products in specific stores. This additional insight provided our client with a sense of how leading brands advertised locally.

The results

Based on our research findings, our client validated its initial perspective for international growth and understood the real potential of select markets. These findings allowed the client to prioritise the next steps in their expansion, assign resources and fine-tune their business strategy.

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