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Case study

Consumer Segmentation

Understanding traveller profiles

A tourism promotion client wanted to refresh its data on tourists travelling from Europe to Central America. Beyond understanding volumes by country, the client wanted to define a tourist profile that included interests and behaviours such as vacation habits, typical activities at the destination and general travelling preferences.

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What we did

Our research focused on obtaining an understanding of the tourism market in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom and on tourists willing to travel to multiple destinations in Central America.

We began with a review of official tourism statistics and segmented data to focus exclusively on non-business travellers by residents of Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom travelling to Central America. Next, the analysts segmented the data by traveller nationality and their port of entry. We conducted 40 short interviews with structured questionnaires with tour operators in Central America and 60 in-depth interviews with trade players in Europe. 

To further segment this data, the Euromonitor International team focused on travellers who visited at least two countries on their trips in a single year. Next, the team created a forecasted model to project demand into 2020.

Simultaneously, an online survey accumulated over 1500 responses from European travellers. These travellers met the same criteria to create profiles for each of the three countries under study. Questions ranged from traveller experiences during the destination selection process, their average stay during holiday and spend.

The results

We delivered a series of reports which included an executive summary providing cross-country analysis and general strategic recommendations. The client leveraged these reports to understand the impact of current advertising and recognition of Central America as a brand in Europe. Additionally, the results helped shape branding strategy and promotion campaigns by the agency over the next two years.

Our specific insights on the characteristics of the target tourists and the analysis of the competition, including typical tourism packages and most common destinations, allowed our client to tailor the contents, tone, target and focus of their advertising.

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