Case study

Market Measurement 

Defining how to win in the naturals space

In the beauty and personal care industry, products without artificial components and organic ingredients are seen as natural. As the naturals trend continues to grow in the USA and migrates into more categories, this leading beauty and personal care direct-seller reached out to Euromonitor Consulting to understand what natural means in the beauty and personal care space, the size of opportunities in the industry and best strategies to succeed within this category in North America.

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What we did

Euromonitor collated information from secondary sources such as annual reports, publications and trade press. The team also completed in-store visits to capture on-the-ground product information and conducted surveys with consumers and the client’s current representatives. 

Analysts triangulated the findings, creating an industry consensus which allowed us to quantify the market potential, identify key drivers and gauge the likelihood for related sales. 

The results

The research process resulted in a comprehensive assessment of the natural beauty and personal care market in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. The data and trade stories supported the client’s portfolio expansion strategy for the development of new product lines in the North American market.

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