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Detecting potential partners in Latin America

Our client, a global financial cards behemoth, continues to expand their Latin America footprint. As a result, the company wants to identify key e-commerce companies in the region for partnership opportunities.

The company recently launched a new payments button and planned to invest in a broader go-to-market strategy to grow this area of the business. These new potential partners, which provide payment and merchant services for online retailers, would support the client in increasing the availability of their payments tool.

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What we did

With a set of established criteria provided by the client, Euromonitor Consulting set out to identify a list of companies in six Latin American countries. Our in-country analysts conducted fact-finding calls to understand company services and market coverage better. 

Euromonitor built a searchable directory for the client that contains over 70 companies. The database contains information such as location, ownership structure, markets served, features and services offered, service details and additional contact information.

The results

The directory was the first of a multi-step process with the client. The client can leverage the database to identify which companies had a presence across multiple countries and what services they offered. Using this information, the client narrowed their target list of countries and companies. From there, the client handpicked specific companies to contact and begin negotiations to feature the payments tool.

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