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Product Positioning and Marketing Claim

The positioning of eco-friendly home cleaning products

Sustainable home care has steadily become a high-value and growing segment across multiple industries. Our client was looking to take advantage of the green and sustainable home care category. The client wanted to understand the range of cleaning products available in the Canadian market, hoping to determine how to best market a potential new line of eco-friendly home cleaning products.

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What we did

Through a series of in-person store checks, our analysts recorded brand, pricing, pack type and labels, in-store placement, primary and secondary positioning, endorsements and product claims across five important categories within cleaning products representing the client’s product portfolio. The analysis allowed our team to understand the product offering available in Canada and compare it across all variables. 

Along with store checks, in-store interviews with customer advisors and sales staff took place with popular brands and products. These interviews provided deeper insights into purchase drivers. Our in-country analysts also took various on-site photographs depicting product positioning.

The results

Euromonitor International presented a market report with data and insights depicting the gaps in the market and the nature of popular products. We also delivered raw store check findings together with interactive spider charts.

The analysis allowed the client to see the number of products for each of the seven types of positioning, including products that are eco-friendly. The company will use the research findings in their internal strategic planning to explore new product development in the eco-friendly space.

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