Case study

Supply Chain Dynamics

Understanding the parcel value chain in the UK and Germany

Significant growth in e-commerce has lead to increased usage of parcels and packaging labels. Our client sought an in-depth understanding of the value chain and route to market for labels used in parcels.

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What we did

First Euromonitor began with desk research where our research analysts sought available secondary sources through trade press, company reports and other publicly available sources. Next, Euromonitor held more than 40 trade interviews with supply and demand-side stakeholders in the parcel and label value chain. These interviews included parcel carriers, third party logistic companies, retailers, distributors, converters, system integrators and label manufacturers.

The research yielded a set of route to market models, a value chain analysis including quantitative insights for the volume of labels used in each market, as well as trends and data on label usage. 

Euromonitor conducted a specific needs analysis identifying problems and issues faced by stakeholders, revealing how stakeholders select suppliers. Our team also isolated white spaces in labelling requirements, technology, materials and other areas.

For the stakeholders already working with Euromonitor International's client, we provided insights and opinions on the stakeholders’ perception of the client's offerings and services, identifying strengths and weaknesses compared to its main competitors. 

The results

Our research helped the client fill in key knowledge gaps within the parcel and label value chain. They can now more easily identify stakeholders, product flow and the most common route to market. Euromonitor was able to analyse stakeholder communication and the needs of the end users. This information helped the client improve their approach to the labels market for parcels.

Additionally, by understanding the number of stakeholders present at each point of the value chain and their needs, Euromonitor determined which key players, in particular OEMs, the client should target to sell labels. Ultimately, our findings were used to prioritise what solutions the company pitches to each player and determines how the usage of labels may change in the future.

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