Category Update: Adult Incontinence in Retail

September 2017

With continuous positive sales trajectory in global retail, adult incontinence represents a significant opportunity for the disposable hygiene industry. This report provides an update on the category performance and projections, with analysis of unmet potential, growth drivers, marketing strategies, and opportunities for further expansion, including light incontinence as part of broader feminine hygiene and men’s incontinence management.

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Healthy growth and significant unmet potential in retail

Adult incontinence in retail maintains healthy growth trajectory across developed and developing markets. Ageing populations, obesity, rising consumer awareness of incontinence, innovation and marketing underpin category dynamism.

Feminine care and the assessment of a tipping point in light incontinence adoption

Light incontinence products still derive the majority of sales from developed regions, with wider product variety and positioning of light incontinence within wider feminine hygiene. As attention to women’s health grows in developing markets, expanding use of sanitary pads can create a platform for building the awareness and product adoption for light incontinence pads.

Innovation and product segmentation to drive category and brand growth

Innovation, including product segmentation, helps to not only drive the overall category but also support brands’ competitive strength in the face of rising competition and evolving consumer demand.

Appealing to younger generation

There is a growing recognition of wider consumer needs that include the younger generation. Products that address the needs of younger consumers as well as digital marketing going beyond clinical messaging become increasingly important.

Men in need of protection - growth potential

There is a need for more innovation to address men’s needs and capture better the existing potential in men’s incontinence, as attested by strong growth of men’s incontinence products reported by, for example, Unicharm.

Industry disruptors - rise of re-usable alternatives

Adult incontinence management sees the rise of re-usable alternatives that are more cost efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly. These highlight the need for disposable industry response in the form of innovation and cost efficiencies to allow for better look, fit, waste management, and pricing.

Key findings
Healthy growth in retail globally continues
Quarterly upgrade in growth projections confirms positive outlook
Good pace of growth in MEA and Asia Pacific
Egypt poses stronger challenge for future category growth
Unmet potential in adult incontinence retail in Asia
Price and profitability in Indian retail incontinence
Unmet potential in retail light incontinence
Significant retail potential for moderate/heavy incontinence
Essity is building momentum in developing markets
Bright spot in P&G portfolio performance
Kimberly-Clark fights growing competitive pressures
Health and population dynamics support future demand
Speaking to young and active
Sanitary protection and incontinence as one feminine care domain
Men: Need for more action and opportunity for category growth
Innovation needs to meet income levels and price sensitivity
Segmentation within product portfolio to support brand dynamism
Responding to the growing presence of re-usable products
Key pain points
North America growth by country
Western Europe growth by country
Australasia growth by country
Asia Pacific growth by country
Eastern Europe growth by country
Latin America growth by country
Middle East and Africa growth by country
Data parameters and report definitions


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