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Category Update: Adult Incontinence

July 2018

Ageing populations, better product access, and rising consumer awareness continue to support healthy growth of disposable adult incontinence globally. This report looks at the dynamic between adult incontinence in retail, away-from-home, and Rx/reimbursement spaces and assesses growth potential, innovation trends, including 2-in-1 products, and industry disruptors. The report also contrasts two markets - the UK and Russia - to illustrate the category dynamic in developed and developing regions.

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Opportunities across regions and markets

Adult incontinence sees growth in demand and sales across developed and developing markets, as ageing populations expand and product use/awareness is on the rise. More opportunities are opening up with younger generations of women as well as men.

Retail outpaces AFH and Rx/reimbursement segments

Budgetary constraints and pricing pressures can limit AFHand Rx/reimbursement product distribution, sending more people to retail in search of preferred products and brands.

Premium vs affordable responding to diverse consumer needs

Premium innovation linked to certain product features can entice consumers to spend more. However, a large proportion of unmet potential is in the lower-income consumer segment, supporting the need for affordable products as well.

Investing in right categories and formats

Opportunities in light incontinence supported by active consumers, better understanding of UI in younger women,and by innovation. At the same time, pant format formoderate/heavy UI is in demand, including developed markets, due to discretion and convenience.

E-commerce vs store-based retail

E-commerce continues to grow, supported by discretion and expertise of online-only specialised retailers. However, the majority of sales still happen in physical stores, and merchandising strategies need to consider an omnichannel approach and knowledge of local distribution landscapes.

Key findings
Retail outpaces AFH and Rx/reimbursement segments
Evolving Rx/reimbursement space: case of Brazil
Top 10 markets by unmet retail potential: world of opportunities
Looking beyond fundamentals in developed and developing regions
Demographic base coupled with product access and awareness
Developed markets remain largest contributors in absolute terms
Moderate/heavy incontinence is gaining traction
Industry disruptors: alternative treatments
Industry disruptors: reusable products continue to expand
Innovation crucial to growth in disposable products
Consumers paying more: supporting premium innovation
But remember the bottom of the pyramid: need for affordable
Merchandising strategies: transitioning from sanitary protection
Supporting transition through evolving hybrid products
UK case study: budget cuts in AFH and Rx spaces push retail
UK case study: pant format sees growing demand
UK case study: demographic trends underpin more demand
UK case study: unmet potential and room for growth in retail
Russia case study: building up Rx/reimbursement space
Russia case study: preference for moderate/heavy protection
Russia case study: female demographic - driver of light incontinence
Russia case study: capturing unmet potential in retail
Retail adult incontinence in Asia Pacific
Retail adult incontinence in Australasia
Retail adult incontinence in Eastern Europe
Retail adult incontinence in Latin America
Retail adult incontinence in Middle East and Africa
Retail adult incontinence in North America
Retail adult incontinence in Western Europe


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