Executive Summary

Aug 2018
Demand for packaged cheese is stable with bright prospects

Cheese continued its strong growth in 2018 largely driven by an influx of value-added, premium cheeses and manufacturers’ increased focus on individually-packed cheese in flexible packaging. Packaged hard cheese in slices was increasingly popular in 2018.

Premiumisation of cheese continues in 2018

Cheese continued to witness increased premiumisation in 2018. New brands continue to enter the local market, which is small but increasingly discriminating with growing demand for high-quality soft and ripened cheeses.

Spreadable processed cheese witnesses a renaissance

In 2018, spreadable processed cheese achieved the second highest retail value growth within cheese. There is an increased presence of new brands and products, including a number of key new launches made by domestic dairy and cheese manufacturers.

IMB Mlekara Bitola maintains its lead in cheese in 2018

In 2018, the largest domestic dairy manufacturer in Macedonia, IMB Mlekara Bitola ad, maintained a solid lead within cheese with a moderately increasing value share thanks to continued market penetration with its packaged hard and soft cheeses and, in part, increased focus on premium packaged hard cheese. Its company ranking and success are a direct result of the solid performance of its rich and diverse brand portfolio, led by Bitolsko Sirenje and Bitolski Kaskaval and their brand extensions based on the type of milk used to produce the particular cheese (cow’s – Kravjo/Kravji, sheep – Ovco/Ovci, and mixed – Meshan/Meshano).

Ideal Sipka ranks second in 2018

Another dairy company based in the southern Macedonian town of Bitola, Ideal Sipka ad, ranked second in cheese in 2018 with a moderately decreasing value share. Its good overall position is due to the strength of its diverse brand portfolio led by the eponymous cheese brand, Ideal Sipka.

Domestic cheese brands and manufacturers dominate cheese in Macedonia

In 2018, cheese in Macedonia continued to be dominated by domestic brands and cheese manufacturing companies. The remaining value sales are of cheese brands owned by regional dairy and cheese manufacturers, as well as several German, French, Dutch and Danish companies.

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