Executive Summary

Jun 2018
Cider/perry is an emerging alcoholic drinks category

In 2017, cider/perry remained an emerging category within alcoholic drinks, with one major and a few insignificant brands present. Since there is no history of consumption of cider/perry in Macedonia; the vast majority of local consumers have a low level of awareness about this category and the brands that comprise it.

Key target consumers of cider/perry are mainly younger generations

Cider/perry is highly dependent on younger generations of consumers. Female drinkers also represent an important consumer group when it comes to local consumption of cider/perry.

Lack of cider/perry brands in both off- and on-trade sales

Cider/perry continues to face a shortage of significant brands on the market. Somersby by Carlsberg A/S is the only major cider/perry brand sold in Macedonia.

Carlsberg A/S leads cider/perry in 2017

In 2017, Carlsberg A/S was the undisputed leader within cider/perry. Carlsberg A/S, which maintains solid share in beer among the international players, is the only significant NBO/GBO to maintain a significant presence in this underdeveloped alcoholic drinks category.

Limited number of competitors within cider/perry

Cider/perry faced a significant shortage of significant brands in 2017, and lacks adequate competition and presence of both domestic and international competitors. Cider/perry has not witnessed any significant key new product launches over the late review period.

No domestic brands and NBOs/GBOs compete within cider/perry in 2017

Besides the lack of international brands and competitors, there is no domestic production of cider/perry and no domestic brand and company presence has been registered on the local market. Some of the current soft drinks manufacturers could easily shift part of their manufacturing processes to dedicate part of their production lines to cider/perry.

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