City Travel Briefing: Delhi

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Jun 2018

Delhi offers an excellent blend of rich cultural heritage and modern lifestyles. The city is also the venue for important events related to business, sports and entertainment. Increased crime, electoral unrest and rising inflation were some of the factors which negatively affected tourism flows to the city in 2017. However, tourism to Delhi is set to grow in the next five years, thanks to the city’s world class airport facilities, attractions and growing economy.

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City Travel Briefing: Delhi

Quick and easy accessibility and connectivity

A major advantage of Delhi as a destination is its quick and easy accessibility and connectivity to important locations across North India. The government is also focusing on the construction of metro railways and new highways for providing ease of transport.

New opportunities from MICE tourism         

Delhi has witnessed continued growth in demand for hotels, driven by growing MICE and corporate bookings, in addition to improved spending capacity and the increased presence of budgeted hotels.

Strengthening tourism infrastructure

Delhi is witnessing rapid development in its tourism infrastructure and now boasts a world class airport, a well connected metro network, excellent road transport and various hotel chains catering to high, mid and low end visitors.

Business travel dominates

Business travel dominates tourism to Delhi, which is emerging as one of the preferred investment destinations in Asia, providing opportunities in almost all sectors, particularly information technology, tourism and small-scale industry.

Emerging leisure tourism

Delhi is also emerging as a leisure tourism destination for both international and domestic visitors, in particular for luxury, medical, sports and cultural tourism.

Low-cost carriers to drive growth in domestic trips

New low-cost flights operating to Delhi are expected to drive the growth of domestic tourism to the city as a long break destination for its religious,historical and cultural attractions.

Newly developed Aero-city district forecast to see strong demand

The newly developed Delhi Aero-city hospitality district, with over 3,200 hotel rooms, is expected to boost the hotel industry in Delhi.


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