City Travel Briefing: Mumbai

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Jul 2018

As India’s commercial centre and Bollywood capital, Mumbai remains a high-profile destination for business and leisure visitors. Whilst the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in 2011 still overshadows the city’s appeal, further refurbishment of its airport and its increasing focus to attract the luxury travel market will support future growth. Tourism in Mumbai is set to grow over the next five years, thanks to the city’s world class airport facilities, attractions, and growing economy.

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City Travel Briefing: Mumbai

Higher number of domestic business trips

Mumbai has a higher number of domestic business trips than Delhi by virtue of being the financial capital of the country, and business accounts for the majority share of total tourism.

Financial and commercial capital

As Mumbai remains the financial capital of India, Mumbai attracts both inbound and domestic business tourists. Most international and national financial institutions have key offices in the city.

Luxury destination

Most of the hotels in Mumbai offer world-class services, and cater mainly to business travellers and high-end leisure tourists.

Business travel dominates

Business travel dominates tourism to Mumbai, which is emerging as one of the preferred investment destinations in Asia, providing opportunities in almost all sectors, particularly information technology, tourism and small-scale industry.

International and national conferences

Mumbai hosts the highest number of international conferences in India, and this attracts business tourists. The city is also well-known for organising leisure events, which attract international and domestic tourists.

Expensive real estate

Mumbai is ranked among the top 10 cities in the world for the cost of office property. Average housing costs are also among the highest in India.

Film city –“Bollywood”

Mumbai is referred to as the Bollywood capital, as it is home to most of the key players involved in film-making, including production houses, producers, directors and actors.


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