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City Travel Briefing: Warsaw

May 2018

Warsaw is growing, offering tourists a wide range of activities, and creating new meeting places, business spaces and entertainment venues. With intense expansion and creativity, Warsaw is increasing its capacity to deal with diverse needs. The successful administration of a city is above all the creation of different ways in which to make use of its public spaces by not only its inhabitants, but also tourists and the world of business, and by all means Warsaw strives towards this.

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Warsaw as transportation hub

Warsaw lies at the intersection of trans-European transport corridors and is one of the three major transportation hubs in Poland.

New airport between Warsaw and Lodz

A political decision regarding the construction of a new airport will be taken in 2017. The location of a new central port would be somewhere between Lodz and Warsaw. The airport would serve about 45 million passengers annually and would become one the main transfer airports in Europe.

Eco-Capital candidate

Warsaw was a candidate for the title of 2018 European Green Capital. Assessment was based on contribution to the prevention of global climate change, the vastness of green areas as well as nature protection and biodiversity, eco-innovation and environmental management at the local government level.

City innovations

The Panek CarSharing system and Traficar launched in 2017 in Warsaw are an example of new business model representing the sharing economy in Poland. They will compete with 4Mobility, which entered the market in 2016.

Leader in the region

Over the years the Polish capital has become the region’s economic leader, thereby strengthening its presence on the international stage. There has been an increase in investment in modern infrastructure and growth in the number of business centres.

Warsaw’s positive image

Public opinion polls carried out by Warsaw Tourism Organisation show that both foreign and domestic visitors to the city, as well as its residents, are all positive about the changing image of Warsaw.


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